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Since the arrival of SARS-CoV-2, there have been mass censorship campaigns put into place under the guise of protecting the general population against COVID-19 misinformation. However, what happens when those same restrictions are abused to silence and manipulate anyone and everyone who has an opposing view, opinion, or even questions the mainstream narrative? If you can not see how censorship violates our fundamental rights to freedom of speech, restricts our abilities to make a properly informed decision to consent to a COVID-19 vaccine, and can be used to manipulate the masses then I would ask that you do some research into how these tactics were used historically to foster in totalitarian regimes during WW2 (World War 2)(1) or by the Communist Party of China

How does this apply to COVID-19 you ask? Well because these same strategies are being used today to prevent people from seeing the dire warnings that thousands of doctors, nurses, frontline workers, scientists, engineers, industry professionals, and other concerned citizens have been trying to warn the masses about in regards to this new experimental gene therapy and the real world we are heading toward if we don’t take ACTION NOW!

While there is a lot going on let's first start with these injections which are being wrongly mislabeled as vaccines. These shots are in fact a NEW experimental gene therapy/technology that will need to be upgraded (boosters) every 6 months -1 year and will require dozens of injections to fully integrate this software into the human genome as the Moderna developer describes it. We must make it clear at this point that these new drug delivery systems are still currently in their trial phases and will be until 2022-2023 under the current pandemic’s Emergency Use Authorization. Therefore, anyone who consents to this injection must be made fully aware that they are currently being enrolled in a mass human experiment. These products are being used on the general population despite their lack of efficacy to prevent viral transmission, safety data, the possibility for extreme adverse reactions including death, and absolutely NO DATA on the long-term side effects these injections will have on the population.

Hi, my name is Jessica from The Healing Hands Duo and I’ve been trying to help spread the truth about our medical system long before this Pandemic ever began (you can watch our full story HERE). My primary focus became health and wellness after I fell victim to medical tyranny myself after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease back in 2008 and being told that there was nothing I could do to heal my body. My husband and I would later go on to struggle with a serious case of Lyme Disease and co-infections that would go undiagnosed and misdiagnosed for years. While my skepticism about allopathic medicine goes back to my teen years after a family friend was given a lethal dose of morphine in a hospital that lead to his death, it wasn't until years later after meeting my husband's and hearing about how his uncle took his own life because he was also struggling with Lyme Disease with no real help despite being a doctor (OD) himself and my deteriorating body that really motivated me to take my health into my own hands in order to save my own life. In that quest for optimal wellness, I would then be lead down a rabbit hole so deep that I didn’t realize I would never be able to dig myself out.

After years of endless research and study, I quickly came to the conclusion that much of what I had been told about medicine simply was not true and wasn’t at all developed to treat my illnesses non the less cure my diseases. Rather it was a carefully designed system to keep me stuck on a hamster wheel of treating symptoms with toxic substances while lining the pockets of multibillion-dollar corporations and elite families that feed off of the misfortunes of the sick and dying.

I know that is a heavy statement to make about our current medical system or all our systems for that matter but watching the following two documentaries might help to clarify a few things you weren't fully aware of. Again, I know some of these concepts may be difficult for some of you to grasp or a little far out there but keep an open mind and allow yourself to be lead by your intuition rather than ego.

Now that we’ve taken a look at who is involved and why let me further clarify why I am doing this. One day back in 2016 after being deathly ill and bedbound for nearly a year, while I was lying in bed with my husband and the tears were streaming down my face because I was in so much pain and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I told my husband I loved him but that if I didn’t wake up in the morning, I would ok with that. While that wasn’t what he wanted to hear right before bed I made him promise that if anything were to happen to me that he wouldn’t take me to the hospital and after he agreed, we both closed our eyes and went to sleep. That night I had a profound vision in which I was shown what I needed to do in order to regain my health. The next morning, while I still woke up feeling weak and frail, after all, I had been suffering from severe malnourishment, malabsorption, edema, inflammation, and wasting away due to my Crohn’s disease and Lyme infections, I somehow found the strength to ask God to give me the strength to see this through and as a token of my appreciation, I promised that if I got well again I would dedicate the rest of my life trying to help others do the same. So that is why I am doing this right now. I knew that at some point I would be asked to expose the truth about everything that I’ve ever experience and discovered, I just didn't know at the time that COVID-19 would be the catalyst to show God my gratitude for saving my life.

​While my truth is not going to sit well with some, it is non the less one I promised to tell the world and one that has made me a direct target of mass censorship, cyber attack, criticism, the loss of my business accounts, jobs, friendships, family members and even a few threatening emails, private messages, and phone calls just to name a few.​ So, when people ask me if I understand the severity of what I am putting out there, I know all too well what this can mean for me but I also understand what this can mean for you and the future generations of our world.

Therefore, please take the time to go through this page in full and repost this information to everyone you know because these crimes against humanity MUST STOP, and sharing this information may save someone’s life!

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However, all the links will also be listed down below.


1. THE PUSHBACK - documentary that was BANNED on YouTube within 24 hours, ask yourself why?

2. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW- Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’


3. INFORMED CONSENT MATTERS – Is this vaccine safe, we let you decide. With access to this data, you can perform a risk/benefit analysis for yourself without censorship.

4. ​BEFORE YOU CONSENT TO THE COVID VACCINE – You should know THIS IS NOT A VACCINE, it has not been approved by any organization and is only being used under Emergency Use Authorization due to the Pandemic and it will be in its experimental phases until 2022-2023. By consenting to this injection, you are taking part in one of the largest human experiments this world has ever seen.

5. 30 REASONS NOT TO TAKE THE EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENT BEING MARKETED AS A VACCINE - This is the greatest medical experiment in the history of the human race.


7. DEEP DIVE Q&A - MASS VACCINATION IN A PANDEMIC - with Geert Vanden Bossche & Dr. Philip McMillan, again BANNED from YouTube


8. ASK THE EXPERTS: - Covid-19 Vaccines: this video is powerful and was also CENSORED worldwide.

9. VAERS – How to step-by-step search the VAERS database to view all the adverse reactions and deaths that have already occurred due to COVID vaccines. Thank you to https://t.me/cv19vaccine_reactions on Telegram for this wonderfully put-together document on how to search the VAERS database. If you are in the USA you can also do a quick search HERE for live updates. I'm still looking for a link that will provide this same type of information for Canada and a Global ADR's count as well.

10. COVID-19 HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED – Here are the documents to prove that a NEW NOVEL coronavirus virus has never been isolated using the Koch’s Postulates method – Please find attached the PDF that includes multiple letters from various medical institutions that clearly admit to not having isolated COVID-19. Thank you Christine for compiling all this information and providing all these emails.

11. HAS COVID-19 BEEN ISOLATED?With Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Dr. Thomas Cowan

12. ELSEVIER – The data is now in and clearly demonstrates that masks DO NOT prevent viral transmission & cause adverse physiological & psychological effects:  

13. PANDA - Pandemics Data & Analytics Report (Measures do not prevent deaths, transmission is not by contact, masks provide no benefit, vaccines are inherently dangerous: Review update of recent science relevant to COVID-19 policy)

This pandemic is NOT what it seems and it is time to open your eyes to the truth because...




Am I trying to imply that there is nothing out there? Absolutely not! Actually, I am a strong believer in what my husband and I call the MIND SPACE, resonance, and what both are capable of manifesting into this reality which is why I do think COVID-19 is very real and carries an energetic imprint. I just don't think it is a virus or that we even fully comprehend the purpose of viruses for the evolution of all living things just yet which we suspect is to create change and growth, not death and destruction. I discussed this topic specifically on January 22nd, 2021 back on my Telegram feed. However, I will include that voice message below for easy access. Click the media player below to have a listen.


Again, my husband and I are not anti-science or against the development of advanced technologies, quite the contrary is true actually since we ourselves used advanced technologies to heal our bodies from multiple autoimmune diseases and infections. We just believe that science and technology should be used within the confines of the laws of nature rather than use force to manipulate it. To fully understand the extent of our work, our NEWER videos will be uploaded to Bitchute and Odysee. We have already added two that will be important to watch to follow the evolution of our theories and research. 

What Is COVID - My Opinion

Uploaded to Telegram January 22, 2021, before my account was banned & deleted. Also, I retract the part that I say that the infected tissue wasn't taken from a Chinese subject in Wuhan in 2019, apparently, it was but the sample was fragmented and the sequence completed and generated using a computer-generated model.

Here Are Two Examples Of How Powerful Resonance Can Be

And The Power Of The MIND space

Germ VS Terrain / Exosome VS Virus Theory

Stand United Canada & Citizens Of The World

Uploaded to IG TV November 22, 2020 before my account was banned & deleted.

Leading Canadian Health Expert Outraged At Government Response To COVID-19

Uploaded to IG TV November 19, 2020 before my account was banned & deleted.

The scientific evidence or lack thereof does suggest that this may not be a virus after all and some even believe that that this was an intentional and organized pathogenic technology of some sort that was created in a laboratory Wuhan that could have been released on the general public as a biological weapon of some sort to carry out this agenda. Most of these suspicions arose after a Pandemic simulation by the name of EVENT 201 was hosted by the John Hopkins Center for human security with the World Economic Forum and the now famous Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation which took place on October 18, 2019. People like myself almost immediately noticed how eerily similar their so-called reenactment was to what would happen only a few short months later.


Whatever the case may be and at this point, we may never know the truth, people are experiencing some strange symptoms and while I've gone back and forth over whether or not this virus is even real at all, who would I be to tell anyone what is or isn't real to them. With that being said, there are plenty of highly effective protocols already established to help control these symptoms which means a potentially dangerous experimental gene therapy was never necessary in the first place. I am sure at this point if you have been watching and reading along then I won't need to tell you why these highly effective treatments are also being suppressed.  


I have even been sharing these doctors' successful treatment protocols since this all started but of course, my voice was also heavily suppressed, censored, deleted, or even shadowbanned whenever I tried to spread the good news! Here is that information again for those that may need it. These protocols should provide solace to those that need to know that there is nothing to be afraid of and that COVID-19 has been treated successfully using the following resources or even as a preventative measure.


“America’s Frontline Doctors can prescribe medications that can help with COVID-19 symptoms with a consultation over the phone/video visit. You can find videos on Bitchute interviews with Dr. Simone Gold as well.”

CLICK HERE for more information or to set up a consultation today.

This website may prove helpful as well CLICK HERE.


Through my personal experience with having cleared multiple deadly bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections on my own due to having struggled with Lyme Disease for several years, I also came up with my own extensive "preventative measures protocol" when I first heard about what was happing in Wuhan. That information can now be found HERE (TBA), however, I must ask that you read the following fine print disclaimer first for liability purposes as I am not a doctor, nor do I claim that any of my protocols will help to prevent, treat or cure any disease, infections or symptom, so do what you will with this information at your own risk.


(Disclaimer: however, this information is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute the advice and/or services of a physician or other health care professional. It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific health claims for any of our technologies or products. Any attempt to diagnose and treat illness should come under the direction and supervision of your health care practitioner. This information has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or Health Canada. Neither the info nor any technologies, testimonials, formula(s), protocol(s) mentioned are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is based upon our own scientific research, education & personal experience & it is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.)




Over the past year, I have also discussed in the videos listed down below or on my Instagram account (that was CENSORED) my suspicions and concerns about those wearing masks for extended periods of time or testing for this virus using a nasal swab on a regular basis. I specifically discussed the problems that may arise like acidosis, hypocapnia, hypoxia, as well as the potential for toxic substances like microplastics or anti-bacterial chemicals or nanotechnology drug delivery treatments or even mold/bacteria that could easily enter into the lungs or pass the blood-brain barrier by way of these sinus swabs or wearing a mask in an unsterile environment. If you go through the comments on this video here...Ops, nevermind! It looks like they've already disabled the comments on the CBC News video that I was going to reference because they obviously did not want people to see just how many people are now suffering from long-term damages from just the tests alone! While this is not directly linked back to the swabs and masks, here is a document to think about infection from the sinus could potentially spread to the brain and a list of PMID numbers in regards to wearing a mask and what they can really do which is anything but prevent the spread of a virus which I posted back in April of last year. Like I said, while these documents are not directly related to COVID-19 they should give you some additional information to think about when considering having a deep nasal swab test done or wearing a mask for extended periods of time.


If you require more evidence you can click on the image up above for more information or you can CLICK HERE for 100 FACTS YOU MUST KNOW!

Why I Won't Ever Wear A Mask

Uploaded to IG TV July 9th, 2020 before my account was banned & deleted.

However, my biggest discovery yet about the masks and nasal swabs was perhaps when a friend of ours from Germany sent videos several months back of these moving fibers there were detected under a microscope. When he asked me what I thought they might be I quickly identified them as potentially being Morgellons fibers which I had known about for years because of my Lyme disease. I also speculated that maybe this could be some other form of nanotechnology or a drug delivery system because my mind immediately drew on this article here, Not bot, not beast: Scientists create first ever-living, the programmable organism. I had read this article months earlier which had also reminded me of DARPA hydrogel which my husband had discussed with me several years earlier but I hadn't given it much thought back then until I saw it pop up again in early 2020. Actually, it was when I came across a doctor by the name of Dr. Carrie Madej on Facebook whose video was quickly deleted from my page after I shared it which made me think she was probably on to something. However, I didn't know who she was at the time or how I could find her but then finally months later this video popped up here HUMAN 2.0  and then I saw her interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and that's when it all started to come together that something very malicious was at play here. 


I included a short clip of the Morgellons documentary that I watched a long time ago in our video HERE at the 23:06 (timestamp). This video was originally uploaded on December 15/2020 to our Bitchute channel but due to the poor quality of the upload, I've now moved this video over to Odysee. It wasn’t long after releasing some of our original videos on IG (which again were censored and banned) that others began to test and question what these fibers were as well. The reason why I labeled these fibers Morgellons, whereas others are now calling them parasitic worms, is because about 8 years ago I myself witness one or two of these fibers coming out of my arm after doing an intense detoxification protocol using advanced electromedicine (magnetism), light and heat therapy equipment. That protocol that I designed and developed can now be found HERE: (TBA)


(Disclaimer: however, this information is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute the advice and/or services of a physician or other health care professional. It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific health claims for any of our technologies or products. Any attempt to diagnose and treat illness should come under the direction and supervision of your health care practitioner. This information has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or Health Canada. Neither the info nor any technologies, testimonials, formula(s), protocol(s) mentioned are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is based upon our own scientific research, education & personal experience & it is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.)


So what are these fibers exactly? Well, some people believe these fibers to be the remnants of nanotechnology or hydrogels that have accumulated like a crystalline web under the skin which will be used as some sort of electrical networking system to hook human beings up to the internet of things. While most are just finding out about these fibers now they have been around for years and would have been introduced to the population decades ago through genetically modified organisms in our food, water pollutants, chemtrails, and now through these nasal swabs, masks, and COVID-19 injections. While others believe these fibers are in fact some sort of parasitic fungus that has unfortunately taken over our environment and our bodies due to manmade pollutants. Either way, the fact that these fibers are now being found in what are supposed to be sterile nasal swabs and masks tells me something malicious is at play here and needs to be brought into the light.

Here are several videos below that again were removed from my social media accounts on the subject. While my understanding of this gene therapy, mRNA, and the technology being used on the general population has broadened since I first recorded these videos, I felt it was necessary to still share them so that you can follow my train of thought and a few others videos of what people have concluded after observing these swabs and masks a little closer.

Nanotechnology Drug Sinus Delivery System

Uploaded to IG TV November 27, 2020 before my account was banned & deleted.

The Masks & Tests Are Contaminated

Uploaded to IG TV March 24th, 2021 before my account was banned & deleted.

Covid Test Swabs UP CLOSE: New Report Claims Test Fibers Are Packed With Dangerous DARPA Hydrogel & Lithium


I believe hydrogel and Morgellons fibers are genetically modified synthetic networking systems that is being integrated into the body using advanced technologies but more to come on later. However, watching the video up above on Bitchute is recomended in order to visualize how some of these transhumanistic systems will work. 


So if finding these strange fibers and technology in the masks and swabs wasn't enough to get people questioning what might really be going on here, numerous individuals, as well as labs and companies, have now also confirmed that the nasal swabs have been treated with a dangerous sterilization chemical by the name of ethylene oxide you can click here for more information. Yes, they are contaminated with a known cancer-causing agent and God only knows what else!

Here are the legitimate health organization sources including 3 PDFs from the World Health Organization, Public Health England, and the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade. In the Rotterdam document, it was banned in Germany in 1981 as a plant production product due to being highly toxic to man.


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