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Super Sauna Photon Genius Session 30 min

Single 30 min Session $65 (Recommended For Advanced Users)

  • 30 min
  • $65
  • In Studio / Email For More Info.

Service Description

Single 30 min. Photon Genius Session Our single sessions also include the use of several spa towels, filtered/structured during and after your session, a few drops of liquid zeolites to help eliminate toxins that may be released during your session, a packet of Liposomal Vitamin C to help lessen a potential detox reaction and to help support 50 different detoxification pathways. A complimentary shower if needed to wash off that toxic sweat after your session, relaxing music or audio meditation is provided within a fully nnEMF remediated studio space. It's time to see the light! For full information on what the Super Sauna Photon Genius' benefits are, please refer to the subheading under our "MORE" tab listed as, Our Equipment. To book your session please email us directly for availability. Again, all the information that is listed under the First Time Membership Package also applies here. Thank You! "Some people report a sense of well-being, energy, relaxation, better sleep and even less pain after their very first session. However, there are no guarantees because everyone is different and may require a different amount of time to experience the desired results. For others a period of detoxification, better known as a healing crisis or a herxheimer reaction (please refer to our subheading under our "MORE" tab called, What Is A Herxheimer Reaction for further information and what to expect if it should occur) may take place during your first several sessions as this machine is very powerful for pulling out toxins and devitalizing pathogens within the body. If this should occur and based on your current wellness condition(s), a worsening of your current symptoms can be expected until the body has time to cleanse itself and readjust to these healing frequencies/waves of heat, sound & light. At least 5-10 sessions are recommended within a reasonable amount of time to see any real benefits. For more pressing conditions at least 15-20 sessions may be required with the additional support of supplements and a lifestyle change in diet, exercise and stress reduction. For extreme cases of infection or other severe conditions, a longer period of time and sessions have been suggested by the manufacturer."

Contact Details

+ 416-464-6412

Mississauga, ON, Canada

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