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Studio Sessions: Energy Sauna Sessions with Super Sauna Photon Genius provide full spectrum light, heat, frequencies, vibrations and magnetism therapy in one simple 30-minute session. With continued use, this MAY help with detoxification, inflammation/pain, illness prevention, immune system regulation, skin, sleep, mood, energy, & stamina. The Photon Genie offers transdermal ozone, and low plasma current stimulation to encourage lymphatic flow & oxygenation among others benefits that are listed down below. Cranial red/NIR light therapy or far infrared sauna session in our medical grade sauna, the SaunaRay. All clients are also given structured living water for full body hydration within a session space that is both tranquil, clean, private, and has been completely EMF-shielded & protected with scalar technology.


Everyone who comes to use the Studio space must first become a lifetime member which was recently just reduced to $0.01 to acquire a lifetime membership and by signing our extensive liability waiver and wellness questionnaire. In order to use ANY electromedicine device SAFELY, any sort of medical implant or serious health condition should be discussed with the studio facilitator prior to getting started. Those with some health ailments such as heart conditions, or circulation disorders, ie: blood clots or heart inflammation may be restricted from using this equipment due to safety concerns at this particular time. 


Combination Sessions: $95 per hour - Recommended for regulars seeking an all-inclusive treatment.

Extended Combination Sessions: $120 for a full one hour and a half (90-minute session) - Recommended for advanced users.
Single Sessions 20-30 minute Sessions: $45-$65 - Recommended for beginners or people on the run. 
Phone Or In-Person Consultations: $75 per hour - Please book this consultation if you have multiple questions or concerns that you would like to go over that are related specifically to your wellness.)

Phone Or In-Person Consultation Follow-Up: $40 for a 30-minute follow-up - Please book this session if you would like to go over some of your updated results, and reports or just need a proper 30-minute consultation or follow-up email information. 

When any studio time or session is booked in a quantity package our clients can take advantage of even steeper SAVINGS, so just ask and we can work something out.


Super Sauna Photon Genius

Clearing, Balancing, Renewing & Strengthening


  • Disinfects the Blood: Improves Circulation.

  • Clears Heavy Metals: without stressing the detox organs.

  • Neutralizes pathogens, reduces infections and the toxins that breed and feed them.

  • Promotes elasticity of skin: gets rid of wrinkles, acne, other skin ailments, cellulite, clears up varicose veins, stimulates the production of collagen, making the skin supple and “glowing” effect.

  • Improves the performance of all organs and functions of the body.

  • Increases the energy available to all cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

  • Moves and balances all fluids of the body: dynamically moves and balances the lymph system (responsible for managing toxins throughout the body), and up-regulates all immune system functions.

  • Defends the body against all toxic exposures: depending on how often and over what period of time you use it.

  • Improves memory functions: The Nitric Oxide is used by the brain to encode long-term memory and ensure blood flow to all brain cells.

  • Decreases joint stiffness, edema, and other inflammatory conditions.










The Super Sauna uses bright jewel-colored tubes for very specific reasons. It is a known fact that the human body responds to various colors of the spectrum.

RED/ENERGY: Red light can be used to develop excitement and sensuality. It also brings warmth, energy and stimulation, so in turn red light is good for energize and support circulation.

ORANGE/PLEASURE: Associated with resourcefulness, enthusiasm. sociability, happiness, success, sexual stimulation. Orange light can benefit social confidence, joyfulness, enjoyable relationships, expanded interests and activities. It may be useful in easing digestive system discomforts.

YELLOW/CHEERFULNESS: Mental clarity, inspiration, stimulating curiosity and interest. Yellow light is rumored to have a cleansing effect. It strongly stimulates happiness, brings on a sense of security, as well as a strong feeling of well-being.

BLUE/CALMING: Calms both breathing and muscles. Blue Light can be used to develop personal expression, clear communication, confidence in speaking, mental relaxation, and mental clarity. Blue is cooling. Cools down s strong emotions like anger, aggression or hysteria.

GREEN/BALANCE: Peace, love and harmony. Green light is useful in calming the nervous system, fights irritability, sleeplessness and stress.

PURPLE/STRENGTHENING: Promotes enlightenment, revelation, peace, cleansing, and spiritual awakening. Holistic healthcare providers use violet to soothe common pain, relax muscles, and calm nerves.

WHITE/CLEANSING: Works to purify your mind and spirit. White light tones your general overall body.


Everything in the universe, whether living or dead, has its own resonant frequency. If you apply this exact resonant frequency to the object or organism, it will begin vibrating until it literally shatters itself. You’ve all seen the wine glass and the opera singer demonstration.

At the turn of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla patented many Electro-inventions that demonstrated incredible health promoting attributes; some of them based on the use of his high frequency, high voltage DC derived form of energy called Radiant Energy. Tesla had even patented a highly efficient cold plasma ozone generator by 1893.

Discoveries in the 1920’s/1930’s by Royal Rife were thought to show all manner of positive effects by merely ‘tuning’ a frequency generator to the correct resonant frequency of organisms and applying the oscillating electric fields via the plasma driven, Beam Ray Tube.

Georges Lakhovsky. worked with hospitals in the application of frequency in the 1920’s. Lakhovsky recognized that cells have a natural frequency that keeps them healthy and resistant to viruses and other pathogens. In order to restore this natural frequency, Lakhovsky developed a Multiple Wave Oscillator to produce high frequencies. The frequencies, in turn, produced a broad range of harmonic frequencies. When an object is exposed to its natural frequency it will pick up or resonate with that frequency. This is what happens when two violins have been precisely tuned. If the string on one violin is plucked or vibrated, the same string on the other violin will start to vibrate as well. When exposed to the harmonics produced by Lakhovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator, the cells could pick up their natural frequency.

Ed Skilling was fascinated by the works of Tesla, Rife and Lakhovsky in the field of frequency harmonics, so he developed his own equipment. Skilling originally devoted his talents and genius to the design of an instrument incorporating the research of Tesla, Lakhovsky and Rife to produce a sound frequency that reportedly may communicate on a cellular level. He took the long history of frequency technology in a more result oriented direction than anyone before him.


Sunlight is a combination of visible light and invisible light. The seven colors of the rainbow are visible lights, but infrared rays and ultraviolet rays are “invisible” lights.

Biophotonic Energy: Biophotons are light particles that are generated within the body and are constantly radiated from the body surface. These spontaneous emissions are thought to be associated with generation of free radicals due to energy metabolic processes. Since these dynamic metabolic processes are common to most living systems, it is likely all living beings give rise to biophotons. Further, these light emissions are extremely weak and hence cannot be observed by the naked eye. [1]

More indepth information is available on the research page about scientific research into the connection between light and many of our body processes.


[1] Srinivasan TM. Biophotons as Subtle Energy Carriers. Int J Yoga. 2017;10(2):57-58. doi:10.4103/ijoy.IJOY_18_17.


The sun is the primary source of radiant energy, but not all of this energy is beneficial. Although life needs energy from the sun, too much sunlight damages the skin. The Super Sauna warms the body in a similar manner as natural sunlight. Infrared heat therapy uses the wavelength of the visible and nonvisible light spectrum of sunlight that heats the body normally. Infrared heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation or UV rays.

Infrared waves penetrate the body for a deep heating action that allows for the body to activate the sweat glands. The sweat glands offer one of only a few mechanisms the body has to eliminate toxins. Since your skin is the largest organ in the body, it is a very good means for elimination through sweat.


Far Infrared rays are invisible light rays detected between the visible spectrum and microwave spectrum. FIR rays have the longest wavelength and are felt as heat. The intensity of Far infrared produced by the human body constantly fluctuates. When the intensity is high, you feel healthy and better equipped to deal with physical challenges. You can be exposed to pure Far infrared heat for hours and it will not cause your skin to burn, in fact the Japanese use it to promote healing from sunburn.


The tissues are believed to selectively absorb Far infrared rays through the water in each cell, reacting in a process called resonant absorption. Resonant absorption is said to occur when the frequency of the Far infrared matches the frequency of the water in the cell, reducing the ion bonds. The eventual breakdown of the water molecules may release toxic materials, allowing toxins from the cells to be eliminated into the blood stream and excreted through sweat, feces, and urine.

The Infrared rays consist of similar wavelengths to those emitted naturally by the human body. This is one possible explanation of why many people feel energetically rejuvenated and balanced from contact with Infrared waves.

By comparison,conventional saunas must rely only on indirect means of heat: first, on convection (air currents) and then, conduction (direct contact of hot air with the skin) to produce its heating effect. The Infrared Super Sauna uses low-EMF heaters, which do not turn red hot, but instead produce invisible, Infrared heat. Infrared heat is safer and not at all like the heat produced by microwaves. The Super Sauna radiant heat can produce a gentle warming inside the body, without being in a stuff, hot, enclosed area.

The Super Sauna is best used at temperatures between 100ºF to 140ºF versus 180ºF to 220ºF (traditional hot-air saunas). The Super Sauna works differently. Instead of heating the air around the machine, the Super Sauna heats the body. In the Infrared Super Sauna, the body perspires and receives all of the healthy benefits, but avoids the harmful and extremely hot air of a traditional steam sauna.

The temperature on the Super Sauna (Photon Genius) is adjustable and averages a comfortable 100ºF to 140ºF. This targeted heat typically allows a person to sweat faster and tolerate a longer session. The Super Sauna usually leaves the user feeling invigorated, not tired and exhausted like conventional saunas.


Super T.E.N.S. Photon Genie

(Electromedicine) Photon Genie is the result of decades of research and development, dramatically innovating and advancing the concepts of Tesla, Rife, Abrams and Lakhovsky by perfecting an advanced, proprietary processing of full-spectrum energy and infinite harmonics with recently developed “Skilling Advanced Electronics” to promote restoration of balance and regeneration

This life-nourishing photobiotic energy is effectively delivered by both an ionized Noble Gas energy-transmission and deeply penetrating life-force energy waves. The results are effective, harmonically balanced reception by cells of the body to:

1. RE-ESTABLISH the ideal vibrational balances and harmonic energy state of each individual cell in the body

2. DEVITALIZE pathogens in the systems of the body (yeast, fungus, mold, viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.), slowing infections, and reversing processes that generally lead to disease.

3. BREAK-UP blockages and barrier tissues through re-polarizing cells and molecules; dissolving lumps, clots and mineral deposits.

4. DETOXIFY the body by moving and balancing the lymphatic, circulatory and other fluid systems of the body through all the channels (blood vessels, lymph, capillaries) for more efficient transport of nutrition, vital energy and infinite intelligence throughout the cells of the body, brain and nervous system. Systematically and electronically influence the balance of all fluid systems of the body from the inside “master control level”, the energy control of the cells.


Delivering safe, non-invasive and easy-to-use “Skilling Advanced Electronics”, the innovative Photon-Genie effectively provides full-spectrums of bio-available ultra-harmonics and proprietary mega-frequency transmission in harmony with the impedance of the body.


The Photon Genie is available for personal and family use and to be used for personal, EXPERIMENTAL PURPOSES ONLY. Recent studies using live blood-cell analysis with “Dark Field” Microscopy have shown in most cases a marked improvement in all health parameters from regular and consistent use over a period of weeks and months and more noticeable improvement continues with continued use.


This new method of processing the “Skilling Advanced Photonics” utilizing mega-frequencies and ultra-harmonics through the most advanced technologies newly developed by the Skilling Institute in the Photon Genie are the most innovative and extensive technologies ever developed in this field by the electro-medicine master in this field for the last fifty (50) years, Ed Skilling.


The Photon Genie far and away dramatically exceeds the primitive frequency instruments of the past and present. The Photon Genie excels in its comprehensive, full-sensory innovative and effective processing, transmission and delivery of life-force energy and communication to the cells and systems of the body. The Photon Genie is the most advanced and effective vibrational energy technology in the world today.



SaunaRay Far Infrared Sauna W/Rubylux Near Infrared Red-Light Bulb Conversion

Medical-grade, Canadian-made saunas handcrafted from the finest toxin-free materials.


Every SaunaRay unit is hand crafted in a toxin free factory in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. Each part is carefully selected and assembled with expert precision. Unlike cheaper alternatives, SaunaRay will never use cheaper materials that may contain formaldehyde, toxic glue, chemical fire retardants, plastic or fibre glass heaters. SaunaRay uses only natural and solid Ontario Basswood. They carve each piece to perfection and assemble their saunas the old fashioned way, one piece at a time. They finish their saunas by hand, with pure Canadian Beeswax. Every SaunaRay unit is a work of high function and fine beauty.


SaunaRay Environmental Policies

"There is nowhere on earth where we cannot measure pollution from human industry." Dr. David Suzuki, Author, Broadcaster and Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation

We support the philosophy of the Small Footprint. It's simple: The closer you shop to home the less damage you cause to the environment. SaunaRay is made in Ontario from Ontario wood. Our 100-mile philosophy means all the parts that go into your unique medical grade sauna are found within a short drive of our factory. Never from China. Always from home. We won't use deliberately confusing language like "mostly assembled in Canada" or "Made in part with Canadian Wood" or "sold by a Canadian Company." We say it plain and simple just like it is:


"Made In Canada".

SaunaRay is Made In Canada. Here's why: When Canadian wood is shipped thousands of miles across the Pacific it burns unnecessary fossil fuels that pollute the global environment. This is proven to be shrinking the polar ice caps. This is something people care about. One of the few things we can do is Buy Locally. It has an impact and will continue to for decades. Exposure to fossil fuel pollution is why many people are forced to purchase a Far Infrared sauna in the first place - to detoxify. It makes no sense to create more pollution when shopping for a solution.

SaunaRay is Made in Ontario and uses only trees grown in Ontario. We exclusively use Ontario-grown Basswood which was selected because it is non-allergenic and qualifies for what we believe to be the only toxin-free medical-grade sauna on the planet. And Basswood is also an environmentally sensitive choice. It matures in only seven years and is therefore considered a sustainable wood. One of the main tenets of Sustainable Development is to use materials that can be renewed before the life span of the product is over. SaunaRay units will last for decades and the Basswood can be renewed four, five, maybe even six times before the life span of your unit has been reached. This means you Leave a Small Footprint when you use a SaunaRay.

Canadian Cedar is not used by SaunaRay due to its natural toxicity. It contains a neurotoxin in the oil that kills moths and naturally stresses the human immune system. Doctors will not use it in their practices because about 35% of the human population is allergic to Cedar. Western Red Cedar is often more than one thousand years old when it is "harvested" in order to attain that perfect knot-free board. These majestic trees are cut from magical forests on the west coast of Canada leaving a barren landscape unrecognizable as the forest that once stood there. This is another reason why SaunaRay guarantees you only toxin-free Ontario wood. All the time. Every time. It is another way to show our customers that we care about you, and about the environment in which we all live.


SaunaRay gives back to the Earth. SaunaRay is a corporate member of the Nature Challenge designed by the Suzuki Foundation. We have donated time from our marketing team to help outlaw cosmetic pesticides in the town of Collingwood, Ontario where we build your saunas. We shop at our local organic food market all summer long. We built our factory on the same land where we live. We strongly support primary prevention as the number one road to optimal health and donate hundreds of hours every year to public education for children's health and disease prevention.

"And that is why Kevin and I purchased a SaunaRay!"

Rubylux Near-Infrared Red-Light Bulb Conversion From Their Website

About the product

  • Near-Infrared Light Therapy Bulb Designed for Near Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy and Saunas. Produces 1431 mW/cm2 at 4” Away!

  • Near-Infrared Light Therapy Increases Collagen, Skin Elasticity, Relieves Pain, Speeds Healing and More!

  • No UV to Block, No Teflon, No Fluorinated fumes, No Mercury Vapor, No Toxic Substances, and No FAR Infrared. CE certified. Safest Brand on the Market!

The RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb is a human-grade, premium incandescent near-infrared light therapy bulb designed for near-infrared heat therapy. The RubyLux emits renewing, healing infrared light in the red and near-infrared wavelengths associated with pain relief, increased circulation, faster recovery times, collagen production, rejuvenation and renewal and peaks at 850nm. At 4 inches’ distance, it emits 1,431 mW/cm2. This bulb is an excellent choice for pain, regeneration, and rejuvenation.

Users say they get fast relief from near-infrared light therapy - some in as little as one use. In just 15-20 minutes a few times a week, customers tell us that the therapeutic heat from near-infrared light reduces wrinkles, increases collagen and elasticity, provides relief, speeds healing and more.

Unlike other products, RubyLux bulbs require no UV-blocking (because they produce absolutely no ultraviolet rays), contain no mercury or Teflon, do not off-gas toxic fluorinated fumes and are free of heavy metals and other toxic substances. In fact, these bulbs are guaranteed and CE certified.

The bulb produces a relaxing heat ideal for near-infrared lamp therapy and near-infrared saunas.


I love the NIR bulb! 

It does amazing things for my skin!! I absolutely love it!!..."

"Mitsu Reviews by this user

Dec 23, 2018

Luxurious necessity!!!

These lights are so beautiful, warm and luxurious. Even though I live in a Northern latitude, Seattle, I feel so much better with this light: it helps me fend off viruses, feel happier and combat Winter Blues. The color is nourishment for my soul...."

"M Margaret V. Verified Buyer Reviews by this user

Dec 9, 2018

RubyLux NIR Near Infrared Bulb really help my back & hip pain

with post shingle syndrome & osteoporosis. After use light to skin directly even 10-15 mins, ache, tensed muscle is relaxed & loosen with pain relief so I can do housework....I know when I can't even straighten my back due to pain....It's time for RubyLux time....I don't use any pain peel...I don't believe those anyway....It' was lifesaver to find & learn RubyLux Near Infrared Bulb therapy. Thank you for the great product & sharing your information!"

"sun wha k. Reviews by this user

Nov 29, 2018


Vitality Swing Chi Machine



The Vitality Swing produces a wave-like motion from the ankles up through the spine, similar to the tranquil movement of swimming fish.


Even people with disabling injuries, chronic pain, or an inability to exercise can use our chi swing machine with ease.

To use it, sit on the ground and place your feet on the comfortable ankle pads. Lie back in a relaxing position. Turn on the machine and control its speed using the convenient remote control.


Focus on relaxing your muscles and breathing steadily as the wave-like motion of the legs moves up the body into the spine, the neck, and the shoulders.




Safely Stimulates Metabolism


The Vitality Swing helps stimulate the lymphatic system, cleaning excess fluids from the body. Boost metabolism and reduce swelling for slimmer legs!


Inspired by Nature


The Vitality Swing produces a wave-like motion, based on the way that the bodies of fish move in water to oxygenate their blood. Circulates oxygen for an energizing effect!


5 starsWay better than expected!

December 21, 2016


Like the headline says, great quality, and it really helps with circulation in my legs. Feel surprisingly tingly and active after a 15min session...was not expecting that. I'm 6'6" and 250lbs, machine has no issues with moving my frame. Internal 15min timer, and the control is long enough to reach my hands so I can dial in the right oscillation frequency for maximum motion.

"Awesome little machine

December 1, 2018

I have arthritis in my back and problems with Sciatica and this little machine is wonderful. I have been to doctors, physical therapists and I sit all day at work and this Swing Machine beats them all for an overall looser feeling in my muscles. I was a little concerned that it might be all hype but I am so impressed I'm going to tell my doctor about it. Thank you for giving me some mobility back!"

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