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BluShield EMF Protection

Shop The Entire USA Line HERE. The Canadian Site HERE. The European Site HERE.  Use Discount Code: healinghands (case sensitive) and SAVE 5%-10% on all three websites. Click HERE to read our blog post on EMF, for other EMF suggestions, products, studies, videos, and for an explanation of how to select the right Blushield device for your needs.

Blue Light, EMF & Grounding Products: Welcome
Blue Light, EMF & Grounding Products: Testimonials

Moving my body in a positive direction.

The first portable I purchased was for my son who is in an apartment at college. Every apartment has 4 rooms with cable connection and wifi. They also all have laptop computers and cell phones. To top it off,there are power lines right in front of his apartment building. the second portable I purchased was for myself at home. My son and I both have been trying to heal from complications of Lyme and EBV. It seems that since our body doesn't have to deal with the stress of the EMFs, our bodies now can use our energy to put towards healing. I feel I am moving forward more quickly on the protocol I am taking and that I do have more physical energy. there also isn't quite the pull on my thyroid from the EMFs either. Time will tell how all works out, but I am so appreciative that in this EMF world we live in that I have something that is moving my body in a positive direction.. I have given 4 stars only because I have had the product for only 2 months. But so far, I am very pleased.

Blue Light, EMF & Grounding Products: News & Updates
Smart Meter Shield.jpg
  • Blocks smart meter EMF with the proven Faraday cage technology. Blocks over 98% of RF radiation emitted from smart meters.

  • Precision made in the USA and won't corrode or rust like crude copies made in China

  • Safe and easy installation - No assembly required - fits all smart meters in the US and Canada

  • Be aware of the Smart Meter Covers that are crude copies made in China that leak EMF.

  • Greenwave filters are designed to significantly reduce the level of dirty electricity present on the wiring in homes and other buildings. The less unhealthy dirty electricity there is flowing along building wires, the less that will radiate into your environment.

  • Filters for the U.S. and Canada are available with 3-prong plugs or 2-prong plugs. Both models include a built-in outlet at their base for plug-through convenience and are safety-certified (UL) and RoHS-compliant.

  • Choose the specific number of filters you want for your home, business, workplace, etc. The price charged per filter will depend on the total number of filters ordered. (Not sure how many filters you will need? See full product description below for general guidelines to estimate your filter needs and for per-filter pricing info.)

  • The effectiveness of Greenwave filters can be measured with Greenwave’s Broadband EMI Meter. We strongly recommend this meter for guiding the installation of dirty electricity filters. It can help you determine the best number of filters to install in each room and where to place the filters for optimal results. It can also help you troubleshoot problems, such as resonance, that occasionally arise during installation.

Shielding Paint 2.jpg

For All Other Shielding Materials, Equipment, Inspections & Meters, Please Shop
Our Sister EMF Inspections Company, Energy Alignment Solutions Down Below

  • EMF shielding paint for interior application and exterior application. Excellent shielding qualities for protection against RF radiation, microwave, and from low-frequency Electric Fields if grounded


  • You can also find a comprehensive list of other shielding materials when you shop the link listed down below. We work with two of the largest EMF suppliers in all of Canada and the USA, so our suppliers have anything from meters, to shielding clothing, to low EMF corded phones, faraday cages, bedding tents, shielding material & curtains, under-the-bed shielding mats, EMF-safe products for expecting mothers, etc. If you are wondering if an EMF shielding product exists, this is where you will find it. Again, if you need help looking for something or selecting the right products for your home please feel free to contact our sister company at: or by clicking the SHOP HERE button down below.


GeoResonators, Food Liquid Energizers, Radiant Room, and EMF Adapters That Use
Holographic Technology

These are great solutions for clearing and balancing the earth’s energy in yards, farms, parks, and neighborhoods. Because toxic earth radiation can have a negative impact outside as well as inside, GeoResonators offer an important level of protection. They clear geopathic stress zones and, when planted in the four corners of an area, they immediately resonate with each other, infusing the treated area with a healing, life-supporting energy field. Our sister company is working toward becoming a direct distributor with this company so if you would like to place an order for these products or any other products that relate to clearing geopathic stress zones please contact us using the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Defendershield 1.jpg
Defendershield 2.jpg

DefenderShield  The Best EMF Radiation Shielding & Ultimate Safety While Using Today’s Mobile Technology

DefenderShield carries anything from EMF-shielding cell phone cases, laptop protection, faraday bags, air tubes, blue light-blocking glasses, EMF-shielding clothing, blankets, curtains, music headphones, EMF protection baby belly bands, animal protection, and more.

Take a look at the only products in the world that can block up to 99% of EMF frequencies from 0-90 GHz, including the entire 5th Generation spectrum.

Bebcare Monitor.jpg

Bebcare's Award-Winning Ultra Low Wireless Emissions Baby Monitoring System
Use Discount Code: 
HEALINGHANDS for 15% off your order

Bebcare baby monitors are designed to give parents the best of both worlds — the convenience of a digital monitor with over 90% lower wireless emissions. Their patented DSR radio technology reduces wireless transmission to 0 under idle circumstances and only activates when your baby is crying. This means extra supervision and peace of mind, without the hidden costs to your health.

Blue Light, EMF & Grounding Products: Gallery


Read about why it is important to block blue light especially after dark or during screen time use HERE.

Red Glasses
Blue Light Glasses Kids
Yellow Glasses
TrueDark Sleep Bundle
Luna Red Sleep Bulbs
Energy Baton
Energy Baton 2
TrueLight Energy Trism

click on the larger images for more info. or to shop on that product's website.

Blue Light, EMF & Grounding Products: Products

Earthing Products

EMF Products | Blue Light Blockers | Earthing Products


We do not recommend grounding to an outlet we only recommend earthing directly to a grounding rod. Please contact the Energy Alignment Solutions for more information. For more information on grounding and videos, you can check out this blog post HERE.

Earthing Book.jpg

Customer Favorite

'Earthing' introduces readers to the landmark discovery that living in contact with the Earth's natural surface charge - being grounded - naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation in the body. This effect has massive health implications because of the well-established link between chronic inflammation and all chronic diseases, including the diseases of aging and the aging process itself.

*This book contains black-and-white text.

EarthRunners Grounding Sandals.jpg

EarthRunner Grounding Sandals
Use Discount Code: 
HEALINGHANDS for 10% off your order

Utilizing minimalist Vibram® soles, Earth Grip footbed & a grounded conductive lacing system™ to offer the ultimate minimalist sandal experience. Inspired by the ancient Tarahumara huarache sandals, Earth Runners combine the barefoot benefits of a No Toe Box™ earthing shoe and active toe spacers with the functionality of minimalist running sandals to offer the closest thing to truly barefoot running in our one-of-a-kind earthing adventure sandals.

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