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Structured water is also known as hexagonal water or EZ (exclusion zone) water, forming H3O2 rather than H2O. It naturally arranges its hydrogen and oxygen molecules into repeating and ordered geometric crystal-like formations. Recent groundbreaking research has found that water in our cells and in plant cells is actually H3O2 not H2O. EZ water naturally carries more oxygen and consists of smaller, organized, hexagonal water molecules which technically makes this water wetter and highly absorbable. Therefore, there is no need for the body to convert this water from regular H2O to H3O2 in order to utilize it. Exclusion-zone separates solutes from water, in the absence of any physical filter. The discovery of large solute-exclusion zones next to hydrophilic surfaces implies that solute-free and solute-containing water can be separated naturally, without the need for physical filters.


Structured water will also help the body to detoxify more efficiently, is naturally more neutral, PH balanced contains no negative water memory, converts the chemical bonds in the water into inert substances regardless of filtration (however we still recommend filtration as well to remove as many impurities as possible prior to restructuring the water), produces more nutrients and energy to replete our soils which mean plants, lawns and agriculture require less water, maintenance and all-around produces healthier and more nutrient-dense plants, seeds, vegetables, blooms or fruits. Structured water can help the plumbing and appliances throughout your home withstand corrosion or limescale, less soap is needed to properly clean your laundry, it has great benefits for your skin, nails, and hair but most importantly provides the body with the proper foundation and hydration to produce free energy from light.

That is why at The Healing Hands Duo Energy Balancing Light Studio we exclusively combined structured water with LIGHT, EARTHING & LOW nnEMF's to help our clients and ourselves achieve optimal health and wellness.

However, you no longer have to wait to visit us here at the studio to take advantage of all the amazing health benefits of structured water, you too can now create this healing water in your very own home and give yourself, your gardens, and your family the wonderful gift of free energy through structured water.

To learn more about the Fourth Phase or Structured Water you can read our blog post(s) HERE.

Discovering The Fourth Phase Of Water
(Exclusion Zone Water)
Hydreva Whole Home Structured Water Unit

Hydreva Whole Home Unit
$359 (USD)
(You SAVE 10% when you order through us)
Original Price $399 (USD)

Hydreva® is the most advanced & scientifically proven “Structured Water” technology available, 

Greenfield Water Solutions.jpg

Greenfield Water Solutions

(save 10% when you use discount code: HEALINGHANDSDISCOUNT. This does not include replacement filters.)

Greenfield offers a maintenance free saltless 

water softener & a variety of filtered & structured water solutions for the whole home, drinking water, and on-the-go portable units. However, if you live outside the USA we do not recommend a filtered, structured water system from Greenfield due to cost associated with the replacement filters. If you live outside the continental USA, than we would instead recommend a Culligan whole- house and drinking water system since they can be maintained annually fairly easily with the addition of a Hydreva structured water unit. For more information please contact us directly if you are looking for a quote on a whole-home and drinking water filtration and structured water system. 


LivePristine Drinking Water System

(If interested please email us for a potential discount code.)

LivePristine offers a complete drinking water revival system with 10 stages. They also offer a shower filtration solution as well. Again, please discuss the annual filter changes and expense with the supplier prior to placing your purchase especially if you live outside of the USA.

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