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About The Studio

Our home-based studio offers the highest and most advanced technology in dynamic energy, light, and sound sauna sessions. In order to use this equipment, you must first purchase a lifetime studio MEMBERSHIP for the low cost of $10.  In doing so, this will allow you further access to purchase individual sessions/packages and you are agreeing to complete control of your sessions and well-being. We are simply here to provide you with the tools and to assist you but this journey is yours to make.

We are fully knowledgeable and can provide you with various protocols with regards to our equipment and may assist you in your understanding of the use and application of these tools.  

Our studio is also a low toxin, energy haven for those looking to escape a noisy world of sound, light, and nnEMF pollution. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars to protect our studio from wi-fi technology, toxic building materials, cleaning products, led lighting in the blue spectrum, dirty electricity, etc. We have also spent countless hours trying our best to create a physically and emotionally grounding atmosphere, with grounding pads where applicable, implementing a well-thought-out space using soothing, calming colors and décor, as well as the principles that we’ve learned within Vastu Shastra.


With our MEMBERS ONLY packages, you will also be provided with several clean towels, a bathrobe, a complimentary shower facility, high-quality filtered/structured water, soothing music, and several supplements with each of your sauna sessions to make your experience as comfortable and tranquil as possible.


Welcome to our studio, where all of our members are treated like family!


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We Bought A Super Sauna Photon Genius & Are Opening Our Own Business
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Need to contact us about something? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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