Fulvic Mineral Complex $50 (CDN)

59 mL | 6 month supply at 10 drops a day

Extracted without chemicals. Fulvic acid molecules are naturally ionically charged, allowing them to bond with trace minerals in their environment. Since they chelate minerals and are smaller than humic molecules, they are considered a vehicle for the absorption of nutrients. There is evidence that fulvic acids carry sixty times their weight in minerals. They reduce the surface tension of cells allowing for the passage of nutrients into cells. Additionally, they are capable of donating electrons to free-radicals which classifies them as antioxidants.


Fulvic acids turn insoluble minerals into bioavailable molecules that living organisms can use. Naturally antibacterial, and antifungal.


Research suggests that when used regularly it may:

Stimulate metabolism

Give positive effect on RNA & DNA
Increase metabolism of proteins
Increase activity of multiple enzymes
Enhances the permeability of cell membranes
Enhance cell division and cell elongation
Aid chlorophyll synthesis
Increase drought tolerance, and prevent wilting
Contribute electrochemical balance as a donor or an acceptor
Synthesize new minerals
Decompose silica to release essential mineral nutrients
Detoxify various pollutants (pesticides, herbicides, etc.)

Increases Energy
Alleviates anemia
Chelates body toxins
Reduces high blood pressure
Potentates vitamin & mineral supplements
Magnifies the effect of herbal teas and tinctures
Chelates all monovalent and divalent metals
Is a powerful natural electrolyte
Restores electrochemical balance
Stimulates body enzyme systems

Helps rebuild the immune system


Reported external beneficial use in:


Treating open wounds
Healing burns with minimum pain or scarring
Eliminating discoloration due to skin bruises
Is a wide spectrum anti-microbial and fungicide
Treating rashes, skin irritations, heal cuts and abrasions
Helping heal insect bites and spider bites
Neutralizing poison ivy and poison oak


One bottle is enough for over 6 months supply @ 10 drops per day. Any more is probably redundant.



Never take fulvic minerals with chlorinated and fluoridated water. It's best mixed with distilled water or filtered water out of a glass cup or with a glass straw. Some fulvic acid can stain teeth, however we have not noticed that effect with this product. Also, it is best to take a break from this product every three months just to insure that you do not acquire a mineral or vitamin deficiency as some fulvic/humic substances have been known to bind to some minerals and vitamins. However, the manufacturer says it may be fine to take on a continuous basis but be sure to take it away from at least two of your meals throughout the day (2 hours).


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