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We invite you to take a look at some of the great items we stock at the Energy Balancing Light Studio while you’re here on our site. The products that we carry are products that we take ourselves and compliment our services and have been primarily brought into the studio for the convenience of our members. That is why we are currently not shipping products at this time unless your order exceeds $150 and this does not include our affiliate product lines unless those product(s) are in stock at the studio. However, you are welcome to pick up your product(s) but please email us at: thehealinghandsduo@gmail.com for availability and invoicing prior to pick up.

Pure Body $65 (CDN)

20 mL | 30-day supply

New Addition

Fulvic Minerals Complex $50 (CDN)

59 mL | 6-month supply

Featured Item

Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil $40 (CDN)

90 Gelcaps | 30-day supply

Customer Favorite

Mari-Mend $25 (CDN)

100 ml

New Addition

Soothe Topical Hemp Balm $90 (CDN)

2 oz | 600 mg


Liposmal Vitamin C $50 (CDN)

1000 mg | 30 pack

Customer Favorite

Custom T-Shirts & Merchandise

(prices vary)

New Addition

Energy Alignment Solutions

(our sister comany)

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