Liposmal Vitamin C $50 (CDN)

1000 mg | 30 pack


Natural Citrus Flavour

  • Boosts all tissue and body repair

  • Boosts immune function

  • Decreases virus replication

  • Increases metabolism, endurance and energy 


30 pouches per carton

1 pouch contains 1000 mg vitamin C/Sodium Ascorbate (sodium salt of ascorbic acid), 500 mg Phosphatidylcholine/Lecithin, 1% alcohol, Water, Natural coloring Annatto, Natural flavor/ Sodium Ascorbate buffered to PH 7.0 – 7.4, 5% Xanthum gum, Stevia. Safe for children

Liposomal Vitamins


Traditional nutritional supplements

When you ingest a traditional supplement in pill, capsule, powder, or liquid form, the body must work hard digesting in order for the nutrients to be absorbed. Harsh binders, fillers, or other additives often prevent supplement products from breaking down enough to be absorbed. Because of this, a large percentage of the nutrient value is lost. Often, gastrointestinal distress occurs. Liposomal absorption begins with the mucous membranes of the mouth. In addition, actual dosage absorption differs from individual to individual: Factors such as age, health status, and the presence of other competitive substances compete for that absorption. Therefore, the absorption capacity of a traditional nutrient becomes unpredictable. 


Intracellular Vitamin C Absorption

As per Vit C expert Dr. Thomas Levy in Paul Fassa's article, "20% of vitamin C volume gets into the cells". 


Definition of a Liposome


A liposome is a spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer. The liposome can be used as a vehicle for administration of nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs. Liposomes can be prepared by disrupting biological membranes (such as by sonication).


Liposomes are most often composed of phospholipids, especially phosphatidylcholine, but may also include other lipids, such as egg phosphatidylethanolamine, so long as they are compatible with lipid bilayer structure. A liposome design may employ surface ligands for attaching to unhealthy tissue.


The major types of liposomes are the multilamellar vesicle (MLV, with several lamellar phase lipid bilayers), the small unilamellar liposome vesicle (SUV, with one lipid bilayer), the large unilamellar vesicle (LUV), and the cochleate vesicle. A less desirable form are multivesicular liposomes in which one vesicle contains one or more smaller vesicles.

What is Liposome Technology?


Liposome Encapsulation Technology (L.E.T.)

Liposome Encapsulation Technology (L.E.T.) works by utilizing liposomal microspheres to deliver the ingredients directly INTO the cells.

Although this technology has been around since the 1970’s, it was used primarily in medical research and was too expensive to offer to the general public.


Medical researchers are once again using L.E.T. to transfer ingredients (drug or nutrient) that act as healing promoters to the definite body organs. This form of delivery system, offers targeted delivery of vital compounds to the body.


Liposomal micro spheres are completely sealed microscopic bubbles that trap ingredient molecules inside a protective envelope. The unique composition and size (only a few micrometers in diameter) allow them to completely avoid the harsh digestive elements, enabling the digestive system to release the active ingredients into the bloodstream.


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