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Are EMF’s Affecting Your Health?

According to a recent article that I read that was written by Ali Le Vere & Sayer Ji, on GreenMedInfo LLC, recent research did reveal that EMFs pose a real concern to human health. Especially in those that are currently struggling with an autoimmune disease and I would also suspect in those that are battling a chronic infection. You can find the title and a link to the full article listed down below.

Novel research reveals that blocking exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) produces significant symptom changes in 90% of patients with autoimmune disease. No longer can it be ignored that manmade electromagnetic radiation poses innumerable risks to human health
(Ali Le Vere & Sayer, GreenMedInfo LLC 2018 ) (1)

Novel research reveals that blocking exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) produces significant symptom changes in 90% of patients with autoimmune disease.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Kevin and I have long been exploring the dangers of man-made EMF’s, as well as the benefits of those that are created naturally in our environment and how they affect the human body. Our research goes far back but I didn’t become super interested in this topic until Kevin moved into my condo back in 2007. That is of course before we moved into our house here in Ontario, Canada. Almost immediately upon moving in and being a guy, he started taking away all of my wired devices to give me what he thought at the time was the best of the best in wireless technology. Why wouldn’t he right? After all, he is an Electrical Engineering Technologist and thought we should have the best considering it was his profession that made all electronics possible.

However, it was only a few months later that I noticed that I was beginning to feel off. My digestion didn’t seem right anymore, I started to develop migraines on a regular basis, my sleep and anxiety that was already terrible at the time because of my stressful corporate position only seemed to be getting worse and within about 6-7 months I had been fully diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Don’t get me wrong, my bowels had always caused me some issues prior to introducing wireless technology into my life, more than likely due to my terrible dietary choices, an underlying infection and other unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and stay up all hours of the night but it wasn’t until after I was introduced to a high amount of wireless technologies that I had literally doubled over in pain and my bowel started to bleed.

I later landed in the ER and was scheduled for an emergency colonoscopy. Two days later the doctor called and wanted to see me immediately. I had no idea what he was going to say but based on how I felt and what I saw in the toilet (TMI), I knew it wasn’t going to be good. When I arrived at his office he very nonchalantly said, “You have an autoimmune disease by the name of Pan Ulcerative Colitis and here are a million pills you’ll have to take for the rest of your life to control your illness.” I mean, he was probably a little more compassionate than that and no it wasn’t actually a million pills but it might as well have been for a person who was not even used to taking aspirin to get rid of a headache.

To be honest, he really wasn’t that compassionate at all and he even refused to take me on as a regular patient. He also sent me away with no further direction or guidance as to what to do next and completely shattered my faith in ever being well again. He left me feeling abandoned, alone, in fear for my life and completely broken and that is NOT WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A DOCTOR, not by my books anyway! That also was not the first time nor would it be the last that I would feel a bit of resentment towards the medical community and how they dealt with me as a person but it was definitely an experience that has stuck with me to this day and more than likely for the rest of my life.

I later had to find another doctor who would take me on as a patient and let me tell you, if you don’t already have a family doctor in this country, it is NOT EASY to find one who will work with you especially after a fresh autoimmune disease diagnosis that is still super active. So instead, I had to hire a doctor out of a private practice which cost me $4,000 to monitor me and help me find a good GI specialist in the GTA. So, for those of you who think health care is free for all in Canada, think again! While it may be free to visit our hospitals in a time of crisis like a car accident, emergency surgery or even childbirth, if you should be diagnosed with a serious illness or infection and you don’t already have an established family doctor, GOOD LUCK!

One to two years later and through this private practice, I was later able to get all the tests that I needed and a reputable GI specialist out of Toronto who later confirmed that my illness looked more like Crohn’s Colitis rather than just UC. I was devastated by my new diagnoses, to say the least, because all of my personal research up until that point had suggested that Ulcerative Colitis was technically easier to heal and manage than full-blown Crohn’s disease. However, this is not always the case and considering my situation and how I technically have both, I was also fortunate enough to have experienced symptoms from both illnesses, LUCKY ME! Not to mention everything I looked up online lead me back to either two things, colon cancer or eventually needing to have my bowel removed altogether if I couldn’t find the right medication to stop the inflammation, mucus, bleeding, and excruciating bowel pain.

Did you know women who have severe IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) who have also had children through natural childbirth, have often described the bowel pain from an IBD flare to being similar to the pain and contractions during childbirth! Now imagine feeling that kind of pain for weeks or even months on end when nothing seems to be working to reduce your pain or knowing that eating even the smallest morsel of food is going to be followed by that kind of abdominal pain. Yeah, it's not fun! For those of you who don’t know what a stoma or ostomy bag looks like, here is a video (2) of a young woman who openly shows us what hers looks like on YouTube and why I take my health above all else super seriously.

Are EMF’s Affecting Your Health?

Based on where they need to cut your bowel and bring that section of your intestine through your stomach will determine what type of procedure you have. For instance, this diagram is of a colostomy stoma. If more of the bowel or the whole large intestine needs to be removed due to disease than this procedure can move to the left side of the abdomen and is generally called an ileostomy. An ostomy pouching system is a prosthetic medical device that provides a means for the collection of waste (poop) from a surgically diverted biological system and the creation of a stoma.

At this point, I was also now on two handfuls of NSAIDs and proton pump inhibitors to try to control my inflammation and the bleeding in my bowel. Neither of which were really helping me much to control my illness and did I say, "I would need these med's for the rest of my life!" Who wants to take two handfuls of pills when you haven't even hit thirty yet!? I also wasn’t about to start taking steroids or biologics (3) because have you read the possible side effects of taking those medications!?

The road to recovery would be a long road ahead of me especially since several years later Kevin and I started to get even sicker and then we later discovered we were both also infected with Lyme Disease and more than four dozen other co-infections. However, I was determined more than ever to change my life and let go of who I thought I was once going to be in order to save my own life or whatever was left of it at that time anyway.

At this point, I had continued on my regular course of conventional medicines while also slowly incorporating more natural modalities into my life after consulting with my private doctor and several holistic healthcare practitioners. There came a time when eventually I realized that the natural stuff seemed to be making more of an impact on my health than any conventional pill I could pop. That is also when I discovered the ill effects of electrosmog. However, because wireless devices were still fairly new at the time, information about how this radiation (this energy) could be affecting our health was limited.

Some of you may be surprised by this but this is in fact where Kevin and I’s health journey back to optimal health along with cleaning up our diet truly began. Even back then something intuitively told me that the wireless technology although just installed in our condo a few years prior, all needed to go in order to heal our bodies and this was long before we had ever heard about practitioners like Dr. Jack Kruse, Dr. Klinghardt or even before Kevin had read, “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life”. The Body Electric is a book by Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden in which Becker, an orthopedic surgeon at SUNY Upstate working for the Veterans Administration, described his research into "our bioelectric selves".

Although at this point, I had been taking more and more natural approaches to improving my health which were mostly dietary changes at the time and making the conscious effort to reduce our exposure to wireless technology. I still continued to do my regular check-up with my GI specialist while still doing some conventional medication at the same time.

While things did get a little better gradually, on occasion the GI specialist would find a polyp or two that would send me into an immediate state of fear that I might be dying of colon cancer and leave me an emotional wreck for days on end until my results returned from the lab. That stress alone would then cause my Crohn’s Colitis to flare up even worse!

Why am I telling you this?

Well because that was a big eye-opener for me to realize how much I allowed my outside environment to control my emotions and even my physical health. So, while I didn’t realize it at the time how important it was to learn how to control my stress, emotions, fear and being able to let go of past traumas, I do now and that realization has also made a profound impact on my ability to heal my own body. I’m just pointing this out to all of you right now so that maybe it won't take you 9 years like it did me to address these issues upfront, and learn how to control your stress levels if you are really serious about healing your body.

Can EMF increase stress in the body?
Image by: Gerd Altmann from: Pixabay

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that you can take to reduce the stress, anxiety or fear that you will inevitably face after being diagnosed with a chronic illness or infection, I mean there are plenty of doctors that would say otherwise, who also tried to put me on numerous antidepressants and antianxiety medication. However in my opinion, truly dealing with these emotions and fears can only come from the kind of work that you have to do from within. While those pills or other similar recreational drugs that you might be dabbling with seem to make those issues go away for a short period of time, until you address what the real underlying cause is for those uncontrolled feelings and emotions, you’ll soon discover that you’ve been running on a hamster wheel this entire time. That is when “I” decided that enough was enough and that I was going to do everything in my power to change my fate and that was back in 2011.

Like I mentioned up above, the very first thing I did after receiving my diagnoses back in 2008 was to number one cut out all of the garbage in my life and by garbage I mean, I gave up alcohol for two years, I cut out most of the foods that I was eating at the time, I tried to learn new ways to reduce my stress and made Kevin get rid of the wireless router he had installed in my condo. That was also around the same time that Kevin discovered this tiny little company at the time that was manufacturing what they called a “Blushield portable device” out of New Zealand. We had no real explanation as to why we felt we needed to shield ourselves from EMFs or get rid of our wireless technology at that time but our intuition told us it all had to go and it all had to go immediately!

Although we did continue to use some modern-day wireless technologies for the next several years until we moved into our house, Kevin did make a conscious effort to try to get rid of most of it and after years of research later even became familiar with the Building Biologist Standards and now performs in-home and office EMF inspections.

Years later when we became severely ill again with Lyme disease, that is when we both noticed that just being around any wireless technology for a prolonged period of time without any protection made us feel drained, out of balance, more aches/pains, electrical shocks, tissue warming after using a wireless device, heart palpitations, and just terrible all around and that's when we decided to take it even one step further. While our house was under renovations we had our contractors also go ahead and do the work that was needed to fully mitigate/remediate a good portion of our home from as much nnEMF exposures as possible. Which included getting rid of all wireless technologies, painting our walls with carbon paint, rewiring certain parts of our home, dealing with the geopathic stress zones on our property, shielding certain electronics that we just couldn’t part with, removing all LED lights from our home as well as any energy savers and at that point we also decided to invest in a new whole-home Blushield device to add to our collection.

It was also around this time or maybe a year later that we also started to incorporate drinking energetic, structured living water into our health regime and became more serious about perusing electromedicine over the more oral regimes we had been doing up until that point to help control my autoimmune disease and our Lyme infections.

Once we started down this path fully and I left all conventional means of treating my illnesses behind (which I am not by any means suggesting that this is the right path for all of you), the differences that we began to feel were almost immediate. When I say immediate, I mean literally within months as opposed to years which is what it had taken to heal our bodies in the past using other means both conventional and holistic such as herbs, vitamin, minerals, binders, foods, infusions, juicing, tinctures, teas, oral products to produce more oxygen or nitric oxide in the body, etc. Nothing even came close to the effects of healing that we later experienced by reducing our EMF and Blue light exposure, dealing with our stress/past traumas, drinking structured water and getting in some regular electromedicine, heat, and light therapy. All of which can be done fairly naturally if you live in a rural area away from most modern-day technologies and in a warmer climate.

However, with today's wireless communication towers popping up all over the globe and the plan to release 5G in most cities and countries around the world, unfortunately, that is not always going to be so easy in which case we may have some suggestions to help you with that. Until you address these underlying environmental issues, healing the body may be difficult or even impossible as we have learned over the years because the body is electric first and foremost before all else.

In closing, all I want to say about EMF’s is don’t underestimate what this electrosmog is doing to your overall health and your ability to not only fight off new infections and illnesses but to also heal from existing ones. For years people told us that we were crazy about our lack of wanting to use wireless technology or why we thought children under the age of 18 shouldn't be playing with these technologies and for years we have watched quietly as many are only now starting to slowly fall apart and become more and more susceptible to infections, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, cancer, pain, autoimmune diseases and overall ill health. All of which we truly believe is largely connected to the horrible frequencies and energies that man has created on this planet. This is why Kevin and I’s core protocol to keeping ourselves as healthy as possible has always been to start with creating a tranquil, energetic, low toxin, living environment in which you can provide the body with the right energy to heal and sustain life. Then everything else if even needed by then comes secondary to that. Like the great Nikola Tesla once said:

All of which we try to address here at the Energy Balancing Light Studio and through the information that we share for FREE on our YouTube channel. However, the energy, frequency, and vibrations that you choose to expose yourself to, and carry around with you is only something you can make a conscious effort to change. Therefore, change yourself to change your life!



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