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EMF: The Silent Disruptor In Your Home | Podcast & Final Black Friday SPECIALS

Kevin was recently invited to discuss the dangers of nnEMF (non-native electromagnetic fields) on the Awakened Mothers Podcast W/Rebecca Leigh. If you missed it when it originally aired on Spotify on October 25th, 2022, you can listen to it down below. In this podcast, he not only discusses some FREE tips that you can apply today in order to reduce these harmful frequencies in your home but he also goes through the different sources of this pollution which you should consider.

For a complete list of products that we recommend and that Kevin discusses in the Podcast above please CLICK HERE or for more information on Structured Water, CLICK HERE. However, in the new year, we will now be working with a newer affordable, and portable structured water technology to try to bring what we call coherent or "living" water into as many people's homes as possible. Therefore, please archive this page or simply subscribe to our blog so that you will receive a notification in your inbox whenever we release a new product, technology, special, podcast or video, etc. Again, if you should have any further questions in regard to any of these technologies please don't hesitate to contact us directly. Thank You!


I also recently uploaded the following video to our YouTube channel to discuss this topic even further and to go over just some of the products that we use or recommend to our clients on a daily bases to protect themselves and their families.


1. Read our extensive BLOG post from 2020 on how to protect yourself and detoxify from radiation, nanotoxicity, and gene therapy transmission please CLICK HERE.

2. At the bottom of the blog post linked above, you can also access two downloadable PDFs that go over various studies that have been done to show the harmful effects of nnEMFs. They are Titled: Radiofrequency Radiation & EMF Studies From Powerwatch.

3. Here is another BLOG that you can refer to on how nnEMFs affect the immune system CLICK HERE.

4. Human short-term exposure to cell phone radiation causes changes in blood cell morphology CLICK HERE.


Bebcare Is Committed To Designing Baby Monitors That Put The Health & Safety Of Babies First!

After detecting some concerning radiation readings from a baby monitor in one of our client’s homes, Kevin and our client were determined to find a safer solution for his growing family and that is when we discovered Bebcare.

At Bebcare, they are committed to designing baby monitors that put the health and safety of babies and their families first. They are family-owned and family-centric, with a focus on product quality and unstinting service. According to their website, Bebcare develops and manufactures monitors that emit at least 91% less wireless emissions than the average DECT wireless baby monitor, making it one of the lowest electromagnetic emissions of any baby monitor on the market and one of the safest options to choose for your little bundle of joy. Remember, this is important because a baby’s brain absorbs 60% more radiation than the average adult and because most baby monitors that are located within 1 meter of a crib can emit radiation that is comparable to a cell phone tower only 150 meters away!

After reviewing their website and collecting some feedback from our client it would appear that Bebcare has invested their time and effort in creating not only functional and beautiful baby monitors but also a monitor that is environmentally friendly and that you can feel better about using.

While we still have yet to test this product ourselves here at The Healing Hands Duo or through our sister company Energy Alignment Solutions, we are confident that this is a much better option for all those parents out there that are looking for a safer solution when it comes to wireless technology.