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SaunaRay Infrared Red-Light 5 Sessions

SaunaRay Far/Near Infrared Red-Light 30min Sauna Sessions $175 (SAVE $5 per/session)

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • $175
  • In Studio / Email For More Info.

Service Description

Classified as, "The Safest Infrared Sauna In The World" by the Suzanne Somers TV Show! Not all infrared saunas are made the same, nor are some of them even safe to use due to the toxic materials that they contain or nnEMF that they emit. However, you won't have to worry about that when using the SaunaRay because our sauna is medical-grade, Canadian-made and handcrafted from some of the finest toxin-free materials such as solid Ontario Basswood, never cedar because of its natural toxicity. The sauna is also crafted like fine furniture, never put together with toxic glue and also completely sealed with non-toxic Canadian Beeswax. After all, why would you want to get naked in an enclosed space to detoxify in a sauna made from toxic materials? You also have to beware of far infrared sauna's that use carbon heaters, they're not only toxic but tend to give off high amounts of nnEMF! Buyers should beware that you may purchase a carbon heated sauna for as little as $600 Canadian dollars. You should be even more aware, that it may not be worth that. Those heaters are re-purposed in-floor heating pads. They are made of plastic and fibreglass and are designed to be encased in tiles under your floor. With plastics, polymers and solvents, they are not suitable for heating up inside a room that you intend to sit inside. These heaters fail more than any other type that SaunaRay has been hired to replace. Far Infrared Sauna Use May Provide The Following Benefits: 1. Detoxify Your Body 2. Radiant Skin 3. Increased Collagen Due To Our Near Infrared Red-Light Bulb. 4. Boost Your Metabolism 5. Reduce Your Stress 6. Protect Your Heart 7. Boost Your Brain 8. Ditch The Pain Near Infrared Red-Light May Also Help With: 1. Near Infrared Light Therapy Increases Collagen 2. Skin Elasticity 3. Relieves Pain 4. Speeds Healing and More! Please refer to our subheading, "About Our Equipment" under our services tab for more information. To book a sauna session, please contact us via email at: and be sure to specify what sessions/products and/or packages you are interested in. Thank You!

Contact Details

+ 416-464-6412

Mississauga, ON, Canada

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