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Protect Yourself & Detoxify From EMF Radiation, Nanotoxicity & Gene Therapy Transmission



(This step will be especially important when you see how this nanotechnology works in later steps)

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Here is an experiment demonstrating the alarming brain effects from WLAN/WIFI and other electronic features of modern-day cars, so you can only imagine what it would be like to live in close proximity to a 5G ready phone mast or repeater. CLICK HERE (1) Or when all the Starlink satellites are activated in August of 2021.

Download PDF • 629KB

Canadian Cell Tower Map ➡️ CLICK HERE (check how many towers are in your area)

USA Cell Tower Map ➡️ CLICK HERE (check how many towers are in your area)

This video is older so the offer is no longer valid. However, you can still get 10% off when you

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Electra Health (Carries multiple EMF measuring meters, carbon paint, EMF remediation tips within the USA, the original Stetzerizer EMF filters, high-quality air tubes, ethernet cables & more) ➡️ (We no longer work with this supplier, instead please refer to Less EMF down below.)

Less EMF & EMR Shielding Solutions ➡️ (These companies carry everything you can imagine that is related to EMF protection and are exclusively sold through our sister company Energy Alignment Solutions. Energy Alignment Solutions performs online EMF consultations or in-home assessments. If you are looking for something in particular, please contact my husband directly who is a Certified Electrical Engineering Technologist, IPC Specialist/Trainer & Certified Machinery Safety Expert for nearly 20 years & an experienced EMF Specialist among other things for 10+ years. ➡️ CLICK HERE

Greenwave Filters (Dirty Electricity Filters, to reduce the dirty electricity on the wiring in your home) ➡️ CLICK HERE



Dr. Magda Havas, PhD. is a Canadian pioneer and a genius when it comes to EMF & EMR research and studies. While she is specifically demonstrating the negative effects of EMF/EMR on those with Multiple Sclerosis in the video below, her website and YouTube channel contain a whirlwind of information about how this electrosmog is affecting us all.

As members of the not-for-profit Canadians For Safe Technology, a volunteer-based coalition of parents, citizens, and experts whose mission is to educate and inform others on the dangers of EMF/EMR pollution, we send out a dire warning that 5G will expose all of us to radiation that far exceeds the safety limits of the Building Biologists Standards and what we are currently being exposed to today.

Most of North America is expected to go live with 5G's full millimeter-wave capabilities between the August and end of 2021. SpaceX presently has about 70,000 active beta testers of the Starlink satellites in 12 countries, and that full, global commercial service will begin in August. This article is a must-read, especially for those of you who have placed Elon Musk on some sort of pedestal of innovation. My husband and I do not like to point fingers but intuitively from the moment I laid my eyes on this man (the feeling was similar for Bill Gates over a decade ago) I knew he was up to no good. Make note of the time frame for some of these applications and that this technology has never been tested for safety on human beings other than in a few select places around the world, one of those original locations being Wuhan China.

Also, make note that 5G technology was originally developed for military applications and will expose the entire planet to energies beyond what we have ever experienced in planetary history. Therefore, seeking the professional advice of an experienced EMF specialist on what you can do to protect yourself and your family at this time would be highly advisable, or implementing the suggestions being offered to you now in this blog post here.

Video by: Dr. Magda Havas, PhD., Multiple Sclerosis & Dirty Electricity From YouTube (2)

Video by: C4STorg., Frank Clegg - CEO C4ST - 5G Appeal From YouTube

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DefenderShield (EMF-free smartphone cases, pregnancy/belly protection, scarf/hat to protect the thyroid & brain, lap blankets, and more) ➡️ CLICK HERE


BLUblox (Blue Blocking Glasses & Kids Sizes - Premium Quality + Prescriptions Available) SAVE 15% OFF your purchase when you subscribe to their website.➡️ CLICK HERE to help protect your eyes from radiation and toxic blue light from computer screens, cell phones, and LED lighting. Too much blue light will also hinder the body's ability to produce the hormone melatonin which is imperative for multiple bodily functions including cellular health, rejuvenation, and repair.

TruDark (Sunset LED Sleep Bulbs, Red Night Lights, Energy Square & Mid-Range Blue Blocking Glasses for Adults and Kids) ➡️ CLICK HERE

Video by: TrueDark., How TrueDark Helps You Stop Junk Light...From YouTube




Photon Genius & Genie ➡️ These clinical pieces of equipment offer a myriad of health benefits using electromedicine, frequency, resonance, heat, magnetism, ozone, plasma, and full-spectrum light therapy. While some of the Skilling Institute's smaller units may be affordable for in-home use their larger Energy Sauna is usually used out of a clinical or studio setting like our location here in Ontario, Canada or several other clinics/studio's throughout the USA. You can read more about our equipment HERE. However, if you are considering your own smaller unit or purchasing an Energy Sauna of your own to protect you and your family in the near future then please feel free to reach out to us directly at so that we can forward you to our contact directly and you can take advantage of our EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on these devices.

Here are just some of the health benefits you may experience when using this equipment regularly. A balancing or reduction in...

  • Disinfects the Blood: Improves Circulation.

  • Clears Heavy Metals: without stressing the detox organs. (we also believe it may deactivate nanotoxicity such as synthetic graphene oxide polymers.)

  • Neutralizes pathogens reduces infections and the toxins that breed and feed them.

  • Promotes elasticity of skin: gets rid of wrinkles, acne, other skin ailments, cellulite, clears up varicose veins, stimulates the production of collagen, making the skin supple with a “glowing” effect.

  • Improves the performance of all organs and functions of the body.

  • Increases the energy available to all cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

  • Moves and balances all fluids of the body: dynamically moves and balances the lymph system (responsible for managing toxins throughout the body), and up-regulates all immune system functions.

  • Defends the body against all toxic exposures: depending on how often and over what period of time you use it.

  • Improves memory functions: Nitric Oxide is used by the brain to encode long-term memory and ensure blood flow to all brain cells.

  • Decreases joint stiffness, edema, and other inflammatory conditions with regular use.

Red Or Near-Infrared Light ➡️ RubyLux NIR bulbs or portable sauna provide an affordable option for at-home Infrared light administration they also offer other colored LED therapy lights as well. I've said it before but will say it again, light and water which you will see in the next section of this post are absolutely fundamental to the production of free cellular energy within the body and for optimal health. Therefore, it is imperative that the body gets a healthy dose of both on a daily basis to protect you from a whirlwind of toxins, infections, and oxidative damage caused by EMF radiation, and nanotoxicity, among other pollutants. When the body is filled with light, structured water, and oxygen, it becomes virtually indestructible as these three key essential components are the most vital for the survival and longevity of all living things, and being exposed to high EMF or too much blue light can really compromise all three.

How you ask? Well because blue light toxicity can damage our delicate circadian rhythms and melatonin production which is an essential hormone for our sleep-wake cycles, eye health, and hormone balancing which affects our mood (depression and anxiety) among other things. EMFs can also indirectly lead to DNA damage by manipulating our intracellular calcium and magnesium channels and by destructuring the water within our cells leading to dehydration, oxidative stress, or even early cell death which you can read more about HERE (3). EMFs have also been demonstrated by Dr. Magda Havas, PhD.(4) to cause rouleaux formations in our blood which I have shown in other blog posts that I have written on my website and are also linked down below. Our red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen around the body and for carrying carbon dioxide back to the lungs to be excreted through our breath. So if EMFs affect the movement of our red blood cells then ultimately it would also affect our body's oxygenation levels. Now it begins to make sense why we suggest the equipment I mentioned up above which includes light therapy like infrared light, or red light which reduces inflammation and encourages healthy blood flow.

PEMF Therapy ➡️ Stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, is yet another way to achieve detoxification, encourage healthy blood flow, circulation, reduce inflammation and even pain. HealthyLine Amethyst Pads (10% OFF & free shipping in the USA when you use discount code: hhd10s) offers an array of mats that can be easily used within the comfort and confines of your own home. They also offer an affordable solution for those who are interested in purchasing a PEMF therapy device. In the video down below Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D. clearly demonstrates the positive effects PEMF therapy can have on the body.

Video by: Dr. Magda Havas, PhD., Rapid Aging Syndrom, Zoomer Life Conference From YouTube (5)

HealthyLine Amethyst, Photon & PEMF Therapy Pads & Bolster Pillows (10% OFF & free shipping in the USA Use Discount Code: hhd10s) SHOP HERE

Earthing ➡️ The soles of our feet contain more sweat glands and sensitive nerve endings per square centimeter than any other part of our body and for thousands of years human beings, as well as animals alike, remained connected to the earth's resonance through the soles of their feet. However, that vital connection was lost for most "so-called civilized societies" with the invention of the rubber-soled shoe back in the late 1800s which created an influx in diseases and inflammatory conditions. All electrical systems, including the Body Electric, are subject to damage without being properly grounded.

While ancient civilizations understood the importance of remaining connected to the earth's resonance for free ion exchange, modern-day societies have once again expressed their lack of knowledge of how nature works through their modern-day inventions. It has only become imperative to some in the last several decades how important it is for our health, wellness, and longevity to reestablish that vital connection back to the earth.

That is why Kevin and I have been practicing earthing for well over a decade both naturally and by using various different grounding tools in our home which are connected to a 9-foot copper pole that was buried in our backyard and surrounded by precious stones and minerals. However, we do not recommend using grounding equipment plugged into an electrical prong especially in a large city or if your home has not been properly remediated and mitigated of EMF/EMR. That is because we believe this could in fact be detrimental to your health long-term based on the dirty electricity found on the electrical wiring or positive ions within your home.

To maintain a healthy energy state or charge within your body you want to uptake negative ions, not positive ones. For a brief explanation of the science of how this all works, you can read this blog post HERE. If you are interested in grounding within your home safely this can be achieved and we can help just contact us HERE.

While going barefoot is optimal, it may not always be appropriate or possible while you are out and about running your daily errands, that is why we have now paired up with EarthRunners who produce a line of earthing sandals and a grounding shoe conversion kit. When you shop our link and use discount code: healinghands you'll also receive 10% off your next order.

Video by: Earthing. "What is Earthing?" | The Earthing Movie - Official Trailer.

However, you can watch the full movie HERE.





You Can Watch My Most Recent Video On Instagram On This Subject With Ida From TAO "The Authentic Ones" Eternally, HERE.

EMFs can deplete cellular ATP levels, and dehydrate and destructure the water within our cells which is why we always recommend drinking high-quality structured water on a daily basis. Drinking structured water will help the body to detoxify more efficiently, increases water PH naturally unlike other water systems that use electrolysis to force the water to become more alkaline, and improves hydration with less water consumption, oxygenation, and nutrient absorption. To read more about structured water CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: 11-22-2022 we are now working with two newer companies that will be added to OUR MAIN WATER PAGE shortly, one of which offers a full home and drinking water filtered/hydrogen water system as well as a newer portable option for structured coherent water, both of which may be better options for our Canadian customers/Readers. Archive this page for future reference CLICK HERE.

Whole-Home (Hydreva) These are the units we use in our home after our water softener and then another one after our Culligan RO drinking water and mineralizing system. We put together our custom water units years ago before anyone else had created or was providing a complete system to purchase. However, today there are other options available like the two listed down below to suit everyone's budget. ➡️ Our structured water system CLICK HERE

LivePristine Drinking Water System (Advanced drinking water system and shower filters) ➡️ CLICK HERE

Greenfield Water Solutions (Filtered & Structured Water & Salt-Free Water Softener 10% OFF when you use DISCOUNT CODE: HEALINGHANDSDISCOUNT) ➡️ CLICK HERE (please note due to all the Canadian border restrictions importing goods into Canada can be quite costly due to the increased shipping fees, taxes, and duties, however, there is nothing we can do about that.)



Video by: Dr. Gerald Pollack., The Fourth Phase of Water at TEDxGuelph From YouTube (7)


Dr. Masaru Emoto's Experiment In Gratitude

Video by: UPLIFT, Masaru Emoto's Experiment in Gratitude From YouTube (8)


This is a video of our water here





However, please keep in mind that removing these carbon-based nanoparticles from the body will also require you to use advanced electromedicine technologies that use magnetism, and to gravely reduce your exposure to harmful man-made frequencies and scalar waves. For more information, you may want to listen to my most recent voice memos uploaded on 11-13-2022 LISTEN HERE and 11-10-2022 LISTEN HERE to our Private Telegram Group down below. Again, everything that I discuss in these voice memos can be found HERE if it is not in this blog post.

Radiation detox by Bill Bodri FREE EBook CLICK HERE (9) to download it now


Before taking any supplements please note that we are not practitioners and that this list was created based on our own personal experiences. However, we do not suggest or make any claims that the following supplements will help to cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. For more information please see our disclaimer listed down below in our footnotes and consult with a qualified healthcare professional before adding any supplement(s) or nutrient(s) to your daily regimen.

Fulvic Acid By Optimally Organic & Dandelion Tea ➡️

This company also carries whole foods supplements, teas, medicinal mushrooms, powders, etc. SHOP HERE. To read more about how fulvic acid can protect your body against radiation and graphene nanotoxicity, please check out this blog post that I wrote last year 11 Tips To Help Ward Off Infections During Cold & Flu Season This blog post is also prerequisite reading material for a detailed explanation on the Red Pine Needle Oil suggested down below.

Medicinal mushrooms like Chaga Tea, turkey tail or algae like Spirulina or Chlorella (or taking our Super Greens Juice from Touchstone Essentials) may also help protect the body from radiation as well and help the body detoxify from heavy metals because it does contain cracked cell chlorella as well as cilantro as mentioned in the voice memos linked up above under my highlighted updates.

UPDATE 11-22-2022: Another great herb to consider which was also mentioned in one of the voice memos up above was Ashwagandha. Withanolide which is the active ingredient found in Ashwagandha has been shown to be an effective plant secondary metabolite that inhibits acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase enzymes and thus possibly will be the future drug for Alzheimer's disease or possibly dementia, both of which I am seeing much more often NOW in those that took part in the experimental injections. There is also evidence to suggest it may help with adrenal fatigue, stress, hormonal imbalances, fibroids, thyroid regulation, male fertility, PCOS, hormonal acne, has the potential to kill cancerous cells of all kinds, improve memory and cognition and may even support weight management. For more information about the benefits of Ashwagandha and possible dosing, please refer to this publication by ScienceDirect. According to these Journals and Books on ScienceDirect, Panax Ginseng may also have a similar effect. In this case, our supplier Optimally Organic also carries a liquid formula which can be found HERE. These are the two Ashwagandha formulas I would consider, however, I myself have yet to try either of them; Thorne Research, Phytisone (combination formula which may not be suitable for those with high blood pressure), Life Extension, Optimized Ashwagandha (this formula would be a better option for someone just looking for a higher Withanolide formula). Recently our supplier, DefenderShield, also added a few supplemental formulas that can support the body against nnEMF stress and their Lightbody™ Total Stress Support for a Calm & Focused Mood also contains Ashwagandha.

Herbal teas that contain fennel or star anise have been found to contain shikimic acid just like red or white pine needles which have been reported to possibly help prevent CV-19. Why I have included CV-19 here will make more sense further along into this blog post and when you read the two studies I've included down below that possibly connect CV-19 to non-ionizing radiation.

Shikimic acid is a key constituent of suramin the active ingredient found in flu medications like Tamiflu. I personally take a very concentrated Red Pine Needle Oil which I list down below and a little does go a long way. I micro-dose this oil full strength under my tongue daily with some fulvic acid mixed in water to make it even more absorbable. My husband and I find this delivery method to be the most convenient way to consistently get our daily dose of shikimic acid. However, these substances are much too strong for those that are especially vulnerable to vaccine shedding/transmission like pregnant or nursing mothers which is how I came across Dandelions to possibly help prevent gene therapy transmission & nanotoxicity.

A recent Science Direct Study released on 01/11/2021 on common Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) found that it was effective at blocking the interaction between ACE2 cell receptors and the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein D614. According to this article common dandelion root, greens, and flowers have also been recommended by midwives for hundreds of years. Read more HERE. Meaning this suggestion may possibly prevent gene therapy transmission and may also safely be used by pregnant and nursing women according to the article. However, always be sure to check with your doctor, naturopath or midwife before taking any substance while pregnant or nursing for proper dosage, if you have an existing medical condition or for possible drug interactions. Medical studies have not validated the health benefits of dandelion root during pregnancy.

NOTE: I get this question all the time, I use fulvic acid minerals as my intracellular detoxifier and prefer this supplement over the popular Advanced TRS because it is from a natural source and not a synthetic zeolite made in a lab.

Fulvic acid, along with the algae or the Greens Juice listed above will also help to detoxify heavy metals or other carbon-based toxins. Whereas, Chaga tea is packed with beta-glucans which may help to protect the body against radiation and various forms of cancerous cells. Some medicinal mushrooms also have a whirlwind of other health benefits and are a natural source of vitamin D.

Since filming this video back in 2018 I have gone back to Optimally Organic's formula which needs to be diluted with nonchlorinated, nonfluorinated water and can possibly stain your teeth. If that should occur use a glass straw (it must be glass!) when taking this product. I found this formula more effective than the ones mentioned in this video, so please keep that in mind.

Pure Body Zeolites, Super Greens Juice & Other Touchstone Essentials Products ➡️

SHOP HERE 5% OFF your first order when you use DISCOUNT CODE: Healthy5 & Enroll ID: 984705 Liquid or spray zeolites is a binder I highly recommend because it can also remove heavy metals and protect the body against radiation exposure. The Super Greens Juice powdered formula mentioned above by Touchstone Essentials will also cover several detoxification supplements as well. It contains things like Kelp (a natural source of Iodine which is listed down below), probiotics (which are listed down below as well), enzymes (again listed down below), algae like spirulina and chlorella, as well as turkey tail mushrooms, and a whole host of other ingredients that can help detoxify and repair the body all in one formula. I use the Greens in conjunction with liquid zeolites for my bowel and intercellular detoxifier again as opposed to Advanced TRS because it is natural and not man-made. Natural zeolites also contain a molecular structure called Schwarzite which is not present in synthetic formulas and my husband seems to think may be a key component in the removal of toxic graphene oxide/hydroxide.

C60 may have its place as well for those struggling with major nanotoxicity but whenever possible my husband and I are always going to recommend products that were created by nature and not man. However, because we understand there may be a need for some to use a more powerful carbon-based antioxidant, for instance, those that may have recently been injected or have come into contact on a regular basis with graphene oxide/hydrogels, we have now paired up with Purple Power to bring you their C60 made with a variety of healthy organic oils.

Lypo Spheric Vitamin C & Quercetin ➡️

IS NOW BACK IN STOCK IN OUR STUDIO! However, our supply is limited so please contact us today to place your order for delivery or pick up. Due to the recent raw material increases, this product has gone through a price adjustment and is now $49.95 (tax and shipping are excluded) High-quality vitamin C can not only stop viral replication, and reduce inflammation but can also help the body to repair the damage done by radiation exposure, so you may want to stock up now. Contact us at to place your order or you can order it online HERE from Amazon. Vitamin C also assists the body with 50 different detoxification pathways.

Additional antioxidants that protect against radiation damage include quercetin, curcumin, garlic and ginger (like Allicin). Quercetin, in particular, has been shown to help protect chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA from oxidative damage, while helping to mitigate biochemical changes in white blood cells after radiation exposure. While I have taken a few different formulas myself I am currently taking this one right now CLICK HERE. Taking quercetin with a proteolytic enzyme like bromelain and vitamin C will also make it more absorbable. Again, when shopping iherb you can use discount code: JES0801 to get 5% OFF your entire order. I also often suggest that my clients talk to their Naturopathic doctors about trying this professional brand HERE, which contains three nutrients I often suggest, curcumin, systemic enzymes, and quercetin all in one convenient formula.

Since filming this video back in 2018 I have learned so much since then and realized that there is a huge difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil or products that contain THC, so while this video does contain a lot of great information about Lypospheric Vitamin C, some of the information about the Hemp Seed Oil products is a bit misleading which is why I tried to correct myself during the video. Nonetheless, the message I was trying to convey to all of you is still there which is why I included this video here.

Iodine or Essiac Tea➡️

For years potassium iodide has been used around the world to help protect the thyroid against radiation after various nuclear or radiation exposure accidents, for instance after the Chornobyl disaster. However, potassium iodide in itself can be very toxic to the thyroid as well if not used correctly which is why we chose to have nascent iodine on hand or Essiac Tea instead which both contain iodine from a natural or detoxified source. While there are several that we have taken over the years the one that we are currently using is this one HERE and this is the Essiac Tea that we always have on hand. We need more iodine in the form of seaweed if we are exposed to more EMF radiation but again be careful with iodine supplementation and be sure to use it sparingly and with foods that contain selenium like brazil nuts since it can deplete selenium when taken on its own. However, you can also opt to drink the tea instead which has both (iodine & selenium) among other things as well.

Some other teas to consider would be Dandelion which was already mentioned above and Pau D'Arco because they both contain anti-cancer properties and high exposure to EMR has been linked to the development of certain types of tumors in certain animal studies which can be found down below.

Detoxification Baths & Edible Clays ➡️

Environmedica carries a great magnetic clay which also includes sea salt for a full body or foot bath detoxification that is safe enough for seniors and children. They also carry a very clean source of magnesium chloride flakes, as well as topical magnesium which can be helpful for magnesium deficiencies caused by depleted soil concentrations or the stress that EMFs place on the body. CLICK HERE

However, this clay is not edible, if you are looking for edible bentonite clay then I would suggest Living Clay CLICK HERE. You can also use either of these clays to do a foot-soak detox since there are so many nerve endings at the bottom of your feet.

Another substance that may be helpful in the removal of severe nanotoxicity or to help remove Morgellons-like fibers from the skin would be to add a bit of Borax to your bathwater. Yes, you heard me correctly, Borax! Borax contains a natural form of boron (sodium borate) which some in the Lyme community have used to detoxify through their skin. However, it may cause skin irritations for some so please test and use it sparingly and at your own risk. If your skin is super sensitive you may want to consider supplementing with boron instead. It has been said that adding a bit of Borax to your bathwater may also help to remove toxic fluoride if your city water is contaminated with this heavy metal and you do not have a whole-home water filtration system or structurizer. Fluoride is a human developmental neurotoxicant that reduces measures of intelligence in children, placing it into the same category as toxic metals (lead, methylmercury, and arsenic). Repeated exposure to fluoride and other toxic metals has also been linked to severe digestive disturbances and pineal gland calcification just to name a few.

You can read more about the various possibilities for detoxification baths HERE. I have personally tried a lot of them myself over the years to help with pain, inflammation, edema, detoxification, and my husband's extensive skin rashes when we were struggling with Lyme disease and multiple co-infections including Morgellons.

JustThrive Probiotics ➡️

Again radiation can really wreak havoc on our microbiome so unless you eat a combination of fermented foods on a regular basis I highly recommend a good quality spore-based probiotic like the one that is produced by JustThrive CLICK HERE (15% OFF when you use Discount Code: HEALINGHANDS) or you can learn how to make your own home-based probiotic-rich fermented foods by using our video guide HERE.

Again, since filming this video back in 2018 I have learned so much since then and have since changed some of my product formulas for example; I now get my spirulina, chlorella, and some of my greens powders from Optimally Organic or Touchstone Essentials which I mentioned up above. I am also now experimenting with spore-based probiotics like the ones from JustThrive. Lastly, I'm not sure why I kept saying irritable bowel disease instead of inflammatory bowel disease but I was new to making videos at the time and a bit nervous.

Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil Or Another EFA ➡️

Toxic blue light and EMF can really compromise the DHA in our eyes and in our brain which again can lead to multiple health issues which is why we always recommend protecting your eyes against toxic blue light. However, we understand that it may not always be possible which is why we also take Hemp Seed Oil on a regular basis to optimize our essential fatty acids. This may also be achieved by incorporating a healthy portion of small cold-water fish which are much lower in toxic mercury levels or shellfish like raw oysters into your diet several times a week. Krill oil is another one of my favorites and I sometimes use that instead of Hemp Seed Oil because it also contains the super antioxidant astaxanthin. Again, if you live in a high EMF zone like a city you will need more DHA to replenish what is lost to your environment. Long-term blue light toxicity can also lead to sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, obesity, metabolic syndrome, vision or eye damage including the early development of cataracts, and even worsening inflammation or autoimmunity. However, not all blue light is bad and can be very beneficial for your health depending on what part of the day you are exposed to it and from what source. You can read more about the negative and positive health effects of blue light HERE.

NOTE: When shopping iHerb supplements, non-toxic cosmetics, cleaning supplies, etc., please Use Code: JES0801 to get 5% OFF your entire order. However, be sure to check the shipping and duties if you live outside of the continental USA because after a certain weight or dollar value the shipping and duties can get pretty expensive. That goes for all products being shipped internationally, especially during this time due to Canada's strict border restrictions due to COVID-19. I am sorry but there is nothing I can do about that. You should also expect major delays in shipping lead times.

Enzyme Defense & Red Pine Needle Oil ➡️

When taken on an empty stomach proteolytic enzymes like Enzyme Defense can do wonders for inflammation, digest cysts, and scar tissue, promote faster muscle recovery, and is also a great biofilm buster. I also take a proteolytic (systemic) enzyme on a regular basis to control inflammation, and repair damaged tissue and the thickness of my blood which can all be affected by being around nnEMFs or from living with a chronic autoimmune condition/disease. Another great option for this that also contains the benefits of green tea extract for increased energy, oxygenation, and focus while doing all of the above would be Green Energy by Touchstone Essentials.

Taking a proteolytic enzyme regularly and micro-dosing with natural anti-parasitic/viral/fungal or bacterial herbs like Red Pine Needle Oil can also help protect the body against viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, mold, and their toxins which the body is more susceptible to when under consistent electromagnetic field radiation stress from all our modern-day technology and blue light toxicity. So cleaning the body from time to time or micro-dosing these products prophylactically may be a good idea to prevent infections, especially with everything that is going on in the world right now. Red pine needle oil also naturally contains a rare combination of the molecules C10 and H16 which is a powerful antioxidant combination as well as shikimic acid, high concentrations of vitamin C, Chlorophyll, Iron, Beta-Carotene, Protein, Vitamin A, Rutin, and a naturally occurring Turpentine.

I also believe the hydrogels and strange Morgellons fibers which I know exist because I have seen them come out of my own body back in 2017 after doing an extensive nanotoxicity detoxification protocol. That protocol includes most of the products and alternative treatments listed in this blog post here and my blog post 11 Tips To Help Ward Off Infections During Cold & Flu Season. These strange substances have been detected among some other very toxic chemicals in the masks, nasal swabs, and potentially even in the gene therapy injections themselves. I believe these substances may in fact be a synthetic polymer that was created in a lab and acts a lot like a natural biofilm developed from graphene oxide nanotechnology. I spoke about this as well as a lot of other topics related to these advanced technologies that my husband and I have been researching now for almost a decade.

We tried to warn the masses about the industry's intentions to implement this technology into the human body and use frequencies to manipulate it on our IG account last year. Also, in the years leading up to 2020 passively on our YouTube channel by discussing the dangers of modern-day carbon-based nanotechnology and 5G but most people didn't want to hear it at the time. When the masses were finally ready to listen to what we had to say, we quickly became victims to the mass shadowbanning and censored campaigns, along with potentially thousands of other practitioners, scientists, industry leaders, engineers, and independent researchers from around the world. However, deleting our account without warning, only confirmed my suspicions that my husband and I were onto something BIG and that what we knew was being intentionally hidden from the masses to cover up a much bigger agenda at play.

I know it may seem like I am getting off-topic but everything that is happening today has to do with energy manipulation and advanced technologies of the future and NOT necessarily a virus or these injections which are not at all a vaccine but rather a means of implementing nano-sized carbon-based fibers called nanotubes into the body which will form fiber optics like wires that can be controlled from an outside source. Wouldn't you say these look like the Morgellons fibers I posted up above?

Video by: Rice University., Carbon nanotube fibers in a jiffy From YouTube

Video by: Rice University., Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces Teslaphoresis From YouTube

After watching all the videos I have posted up above, now take a look at this gentleman's IG video CLICK HERE, and can anyone explain why this might be happening to him or why others are now experiencing magnets or random metal objects sticking to their bodies if these injections are in fact just a normal vaccine? Well, I think I could explain what this technology is in great detail and why it is being implemented into the human population but I've already done that multiple times before on various different platforms, this video being my most recent CLICK HERE. However, if you are interested in learning more about these biopharmaceutical nanotechnologies and how they function by flipping nature inside out and upside down, then please join our light revolution mailing list which can be found at the bottom of our website or our private Telegram channel.

Now to get back to the proteolytic enzymes, as well as the two natural anti-parasitics/antibacterials that I was discussing up above. From my research, I have read that when treating Lyme patients that those two natural anti-parasitics/antibacterials had a similar effect to several prescription dewormers, one of which was Ivermectin which has become very popular as of late for obvious reasons.

While our governments continue to claim things like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine do not work, I have done enough research to believe that that is simply not true or that if there is a component to CV-19 that does consist of a graphene oxide hydrogel of some sort, that this is what Ivermectin does to that polymer under the microscope, take a look HERE (starts at 7:00 min). By the way, we believe taking the zeolites, fulvic acid, red pine needle oil along with a proteolytic enzyme will do something similar if not better based on our speculations, and because natural zeolites contain schwarzite my husband believes this is a direct negative image of the graphene oxide hydrogel (nanotechnology) and therefore can be used to dismantle the structure. Remember nature/GOD always creates an antidote for everything but the zeolite must be naturally occurring.

There are also thousands of doctors and scientists from around the world who have been censored and deleted that would agree with us. Three of those organizations that come to mind that are trying to spread the truth about CV-19 and its effective treatments (which does not include the experimental injections) are American's Frontline Doctors, World Doctors Alliance, and the Canadian COVID Care Alliance. However, again this is all just based on my own independent research, experience dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, and infections, and my husband and my combined knowledge of advanced technologies from a computer graphics and engineering perspective with a passion for nanotechnologies, frequencies, light, vibrations, water, quantum field theory, how the human body works and a vast curiosity for what creates everything and nothing all at the same time. I am in no way suggesting that any of this will help to treat or cure any illness specifically but based on our knowledge, we believe everything you need to know on how to protect yourself with the exception of breathwork, prayer and meditation can be found in this blog post right here and if you go digging deep enough.

Proteolytic enzymes on their own can also help to digest arterial plaques, joint pain, biofilms, and the list just goes on and on. However, some people have to be cautious with proteolytic (also known as systemic) enzymes or natural antiparasitics because some may experience an adverse or allergic reaction to them. They may also cause a die-off as well which you can read more about HERE. So if you've never performed an anti-parasitic cleanse before please start with all these suggestions very, very slowly and work your way up.

Also, before starting any new supplement or wellness protocol, again, please check with your health care practitioner because when certain enzymes are combined with certain blood-thinning medication or other blood-thinning supplements like Lypospheric Vitamin C and Omega Essential Fatty Acids, they can cause bleeding issues.

So again, please do your own research before taking any of these products because we are not medical professionals nor do we claim to be. However, several of the other supplements that I mentioned up above also include some digestive enzymes such as the Fulvic Acid or The Super Greens Powder, so taking a separate proteolytic enzyme may be redundant if you do not suffer from a major inflammatory condition and are not concerned about biofilms both synthetically manufactured or natural. I personally take SerraGold by Enzymedica but that would be much too strong for someone who has never tried a proteolytic enzyme before, so instead, you may want to try Enzyme Defense.

Again, all the products listed up above are products that we have used/use ourselves to protect our bodies from EMF radiation and are very similar to the products we used to Detoxify From Morgellons & Hydrogel (Nanotechnology) with the addition of some advanced electromedicine, transdermal and ingestable ozone from PurO3 (10% OFF when you Use Discount Code: DUO). As well as using light therapy.

We have also been using these products prophylactically to protect ourselves and our family from any infections and to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape in hopes of preventing any gene therapy transmission or "infections" themselves. Again it is illegal to suggest that anything that we mentioned up above could be used as a cure or prevention protocol for any illness or disease specifically, so please use your own discernment and any/all of these products at your own risk because we are not medical professionals.

While doing what is listed up above should help with glutathione production, I do like to have this brand on hand just in case I need a little something extra. I will prewarn you now, it tastes awful! It has been suggested that those experiencing major adverse reactions to the recent injection campaign may also need additional glutathione support and to protect the body further with NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine). However, those that are interested in having some of these products on hand should consider doing it quickly because the FDA is currently trying to ban the holistic use of NAC, I wonder why that could be!

I think this is the VAERS reports for just the USA alone and apparently, it only reports 1% of the known ADRs accurately so you can only imagine what the real numbers may be across the globe. The last I heard it was upward of 45,000 deaths in the USA alone and there was a recent lawsuit filed against the government.


We DO NOT suggest that all of these nutrients or binders be taken or started at the same time. You may also have to start off with a much lower dose than is recommended on the bottle if you have never done a full-body, heavy metal or parasite cleanse before because these products are the most powerful and potent that we have ever experienced but yet still fall under the natural products category. Meaning, you may still experience a strong die-off reaction or hinder the detoxification pathways if you start these products all at the same time or at too high of a dose. In this case, more is not always better and this warning should be taken very seriously if you are inexperienced in using professional-grade holistic health products. That is why we offer Wellness Mentorship Consultations which can be found HERE for those that may require some additional support. We also suggest that you do not take any of these products without first doing your own research or discussing these products with a qualified healthcare practitioner. However, if you should have any further questions that do not require a detailed or personalized response please feel free to email us at, otherwise please inquire about setting up a phone consultation with either of us. Thank You!



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It is said that just under 40% of the world's population may be suffering from EHS (electro-hyper-sensitivity) and not even know it! What is EHS? CLICK HERE (10) for more information.




1. Electromagnetic Radiation, Health & Children 2014 Dr. E. Mallery-Blythe ➡️ CLICK HERE

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Please also read the following report, it provides evidence to support what I’ve been saying since the beginning of this pandemic, that there is a possible connection between COVID-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless technologies ➡️ CLICK HERE (11)

And here is another as well ➡️ CLICK HERE (12)

Building Biology Institute / The Science Of Healthy Buildings ➡️ CLICK HERE

Comments on the US National Toxicology Program technical reports on toxicology and carcinogenesis study in rats exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 900 MHz and in mice exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 1,900 MH ➡️

Radiofrequency Radiation Kevin's Page Up
Download • 1.48MB

EMF Studies From Powerwatch ➡️

181022_EMF Studies from Powerwatch
Download PDF • 1.02MB



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These protocols have been a part of our daily regimen and business practices for years since these products/services are what we used to help support us during our healing journey from chronic illnesses and infections which started back in 2008. We have also been suggesting many of the products/services to our clients online or out of our Energy Balancing Light Studio which was founded and established back in 2018.

However, others are now been using these concepts in order to advertise their own products and services and while we are happy to share these ideas with the world, we would please ask that if you use any of our original ideas/protocols or concepts, that proper credit be given to us where credit is due with an appropriate link back to our work or any of the other professionals in this field we mention or recommend in our research. Notice how we will always try to reference back to our original sources in our work if it is not our original idea or compiled research in order to give proper credit back to those individuals out of respect for their contributions to the world.

We also wanted to say while there are multiple ways to regain your health, we have not approved other products, services, or concepts other than those that are found on this webpage or through our links. That is not to say that other products/services will not work but simply that we have done extensive research on the products and the people that we reference in our work and can not endorse others that we have no experience with or have found are not up to par with our strict standards. We will not put our reputation or name to anything that we haven't looked into extensively ourselves, so please make note if you have found a similar product to what we are recommending just know that there may be a very specific reason why we are not recommending that product or service.

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