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EMFs can deplete cellular ATP, dehydrate and destructure the water within our cells that is why we always recommend drinking high-quality structured water on a daily basis. Naturally, drinking structured water will also help the body to detoxify more efficiently as well.

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Before taking any supplements please note that we are not practitioners and that this list was created based on our own personal experience. However, we do not suggest or make any claims that the following supplements will help cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. For more information please see our disclaimer listed down below in our footnotes and consult with a qualified healthcare professional before adding any supplement or new nutrient to your daily regimen.

Fulvic Acid & All Other Optimally Organic Products ➡️

which include whole foods supplements, teas, medicinal mushrooms, powders, and detox protocols, etc. CLICK HERE to get 5% OFF your whole order when you shop our link. Medicinal mushrooms like Chaga tea or turkey tail and algae like spirulina or chlorella may help protect the body from radiation as well which can also be found on this website. I use fulvic acid/minerals as my intracellular detoxifier and prefer this supplement over Advanced TRS because it is natural and not man-made with nanotechnology.

Pure Body Zeolite ➡️

CLICK HERE 5% OFF your first order when you use DISCOUNT CODE: Healthy5 & Enroll ID: 984705 Is also a highly recommended binder that can potentially help with heavy metal detoxification and various forms of low-grade radiation exposure. The Super Greens powdered formula by Touchstone Essentials will also cover several detoxification supplements all in one like Kelp (for Iodine which is listed down below), probiotics (which are listed down below as optional), enzymes (again listed down below as optional) the algae like spirulina and chlorella, as well as turkey tail mushrooms, and a whole host of other ingredients that can help detoxify and repair the body from harmful radiation. I use the liquid zeolites for my bowel and intercellular detoxifier again as opposed to Advanced TRS because it is natural and not man-made with nanotechnology.

Lypo Spheric Vitamin C ➡️

IS NOW BACK IN STOCK IN OUR STUDIO! However, our supply is limited so please contact us today to place your order for delivery or pick up. Due to the recent raw material increases this product has gone through a price adjustment and is now $49.95 (tax and shipping are excluded) However, we may be able to offer free shipping when you order a specific quantity or minimum order. With cold and flu season now upon us and COVID-19, you may want to stock up now before this product goes back on backorder. Contact us at thehealinghandsduo@gmail.com to place your order or you can order it online HERE from Amazon USA.

Iodine ➡️

For years iodine has been used around the world to help protect the thyroid against radiation after various nuclear or radiation exposure accidents, for instance after the Chernobyl disaster. While there are several that we have taken over the years the one that we are currently using is this one HERE. We need more iodine in the form of seaweeds if we have more EMF exposure but be careful with iodine supplementation as it can cause damage to the thyroid if not taken properly or with foods that contain selenium like brazil nuts.

Detoxification Baths & Edible Clays ➡️

Environmedica carries a great magnetic clay which also includes sea salt for bath or foot bath's detoxification that is safe enough for seniors and children. They also carry a very clean source of Epsom salt, as well as topical magnesium which can be helpful for magnesium deficiencies which can be caused by depleted soil concentrations or the stress that EMFs place on the body.CLICK HERE

However, this clay is not edible, if you are in search of an edible bentonite clay then I would suggest Living Clay CLICK HERE.

JustThrive Probiotics ➡️ (Optional)

Again radiation can really wreak havoc on our microbiome so unless you eat a combination of fermented foods on a regular basis I recommend a good quality spore-based probiotic like the one that is produced by JustThrive CLICK HERE or you can learn how to make your own home-based probiotic-rich fermented foods by using our video guide HERE.

Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil Or A High-Quality Krill Oil ➡️ (Optional)

Toxic blue light and EMF can really compromise the DHA in our eyes and in our brain which again can lead to multiple health issues which is why we always recommend protecting your eyes against toxic blue light but we understand that may not always be possible which is why we also take Hemp Seed Oil on a regular basis to optimize our essential fatty acids. However, this may also be achieved by incorporating a healthy portion of small cold-water fish which are much lower in toxic mercury or shellfish like raw oysters into your diet several times a week. Krill oil is another one of my favorites and I sometimes use that instead of Hemp Seed Oil because of its astaxanthin content. Again, if you live in a high EMF zone you will need more DHA to replenish what is lost to your environment.

NOTE: When shopping iHerb supplements, non-toxic cosmetics, cleaning supplies, etc., please Use Code: JES0801 to get 5% OFF your entire order. Or Use Code: VALU60 for 10% on orders of $60 or more. However, be sure to check the shipping and duties if you live outside of the continental USA because after a certain weight or dollar value it can get pretty expensive.

Enzyme Defense ➡️ (Optional)

When taken on an empty stomach proteolytic enzymes can do wonders for inflammation, digesting cysts and scar tissue, muscle recovery, is a great biofilm buster which I believe grow out of control in high EMF zones and make one susceptible to infections (I also believe the hydrogels that are now being found in the masks, nasal swabs, and COVID vaccines are just a synthetic biofilm), can help digest arterial plaques, joint pain and the list goes on and on which is why I have been taking one for years as a natural anti-inflammatory and biofilm buster. However, you have to be very cautious with some proteolytic enzymes because some people can have an adverse or allergic reaction to them.

You also have to check with your doctor because when ceratin enzymes are combined with certain blood-thinning medication or other blood-thinning supplements like Lypospheric Vitamin C and Omega Essential Fatty Acids, they can cause bleeding issues. So again, please do your research before taking any of these supplements. However, several of the other supplements that I mentioned up above also include some digestive enzymes such as the Fulvic Acid or The Super Greens Powder, so taking a separate proteolytic enzyme may be redundant if you do not suffer from major inflammation and are concerned about biofilms both synthetic and natural. I personally take SerraGold by Enzymedica but that would be much too strong for someone who has never tried a proteolytic enzyme before, so instead, you might want to try Enzyme Defense.

Again, all the supplements listed up above are products that we use ourselves to protect our bodies from EMF radiation. However, we would never suggest that all these nutrients or binders be taken or started at the same without first doing your own research or discussing these products with your own practitioners. However, if you have any further questions please feel free to email us at thehealinghandsduo@gmail.com


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Please also read the following report, it provides evidence to support what I’ve been saying since the beginning of this pandemic, that there is a possible connection between COVID and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless technologies ➡️ CLICK HERE

And here is another as well ➡️ CLICK HERE

Building Biology Institute / The Science Of Healthy Buildings ➡️ CLICK HERE

Comments on the US National Toxicology Program technical reports on toxicology and carcinogenesis study in rats exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 900 MHz and in mice exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 1,900 MH ➡️

Radiofrequency Radiation Kevin's Page Up
• 1.48MB

EMF Studies From Powerwatch ➡️

181022_EMF Studies from Powerwatch
PDF • 1.02MB


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