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If you decide to change your mind and want to purchase our eBook at a later date please just refer back to the original email that we sent you since our eBook...


CONTAGION - The Communication Of A Dis-Ease

The Ultimate Approach To Staying Balanced

By Jessica From The Healing Hands Duo

was offered at an exclusive price and for a limited time offer to only our Join The Light Revolution Mailing List group and won't be available on our website until a later date due to the censorship. However, now that you have access to our condensed protocol, you should have what you need to get started. Again, you can find all the products that are mentioned in our basic protocol linked down below under the "Get Started" button. All the basics are marked with a "heart" so that they could be easily identified. All the products & services that are marked with a "happy face", are only discussed in further detail in our eBook. Stay strong everyone!

With Love & Light,

Jessica & Kevin

The Healing Hands Duo

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