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Creating A Non-Toxic Haven For Deep Restorative Sleep

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

We have been looking for a more natural and eco-friendly mattress for a while now. We not only wanted something that was chiropractic approved to accommodate me with my back and neck injuries but we also wanted a mattress that wouldn't off-gas any toxic chemicals (VOCs) like most synthetic memory foam mattresses and did not contain any METAL COILS.

Why no metal coils you ask? It's simple, every piece of metal has an electromagnetic field, but metal coils in a mattress/box spring specifically are a perfect conductor and shape to act as an RF antenna.

An article published in the Scientific American refers to studies done in Sweden that suggest the possible link between the nnEMFs amplified through your bed and certain types of cancer which can be found HERE.

While Haven does offer a hybrid that contains coils we opted for the 10" Rejuvenate Springwall Chiropractic mattress (Classic + Softer Zoned) and although it does seem to use some metal copper flecks to add to their cooling system, we don't believe that will be enough to transmit a high amount of RF frequencies. However, to be on the safe side, we will test it when it arrives and update this post to let you know what we found. Which is another great thing about purchasing a mattress from Haven, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return it hassle-free within 100 days!

While it is important to select a non-toxic, coil free mattress to create that perfect resting place, it is equally as important to take extra precautions to ensure that your bedroom has very low nnEMFs (non-native electromagnetic fields/frequencies) to begin with. The best place to start is by keeping all major electronic devices out of your bedroom. A bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation; therefore, we always recommend the following tips to create a safe haven for deep restorative sleep and regeneration:

  • Remove all electronics from the bedroom

  • Turn off the WiFi at night (either kill the breakers on your electrical panel to your bedroom, put your WiFi router on a ➡️ timer (Shop Less EMF for timers) or hardwire your router using an ➡️ ethernet cable. Never keep a wireless router in your bedroom anyway)

  • Try to keep lamps, ➡️ phones (Shop Less EMF for a wired low EMF phone), and keep your alarm clock/radios as far away from your head and bed as possible

  • If your head is up against the wall use ➡️ carbon paint (Shop EMR Shielding Solutions for paint) or wall paper (Shop DefenderShield Home) to shield that wall from the dirty electric fields being emitted off the wires in your walls, and other nnEMF's from potential outside sources like a 5G cellphone tower.

  • Sleep in a dark room to avoid all blue light which includes light pollution from outdoor LED street lamps (use ➡️ blackout curtains or blinds), get rid of any night lights, and only use a clock ➡️ radio that illuminates with a press of a button or uses red light.

  • Use ➡️ Stetzerizer or Greenwave (for 5% OFF Use: HEALINGHANDS) filters to dampen the dirty electricity in your home.

  • Do not place your bed under a window. You may also want to consider using ➡️ shielding fabric (Shop Less EMF or EMR Solutions, both companies carry shielding fabric)or a shielded window film to block any high nnEMF's that may be coming in through the window. nnEMF's can be somewhat blocked by brick and concrete but glass and other reflective surfaces do very little to block nnEMF's and may even reflect and bounce nnEMF's around the room which is why you should avoid the next point...

  • Avoid having big mirrors in your bedroom

  • Avoid having your bedroom above the garage

  • Don’t have your bedroom above the boiler/heater room

  • Avoid having your bedroom above major electric circuitry or above pot lights (Here is an option to block the nnEMF under a bed from coming up through the floor ➡️ under bed shielded mat or you may want to consider ➡️ EMF shielding sheets (Shop Less EMF or EMR Solutions, both companies carry them), especially if you are still using a coiled mattress.

  • Check for underground water systems beneath your home's foundation look into dowsing

  • Do not use a metal bed frames or box springs (If you need help finding one, we know of someone who could potentially build you one but you'll need to contact us directly)

  • Use a ➡️ Blushield device for added protection (Use Discount Code: healinghands for up to 10% off your next purchase)

*Please Note* If you create a Faraday-style room as an EMF-free environment, no devices should remain inside the room with you. Any device inside the space with you will emit EMF emissions that will be contained inside the room, exposing you to potentially more EMF radiation.

When you shop the ➡️ Canadian, ➡️ USA or ➡️ European website and use our CODE: healinghands you will receive a 5% - 10% discount off of your next Blushield order. Need help choosing which Blushield device is right for you, CLICK HERE.

If you are looking to upgrade your mattress to a more affordable, safer, and non-toxic option we think Haven would be a great option to consider.