Aerial Spray To Take Place On May 24th, 2022 Across Canada Should We Be Concerned & Is This Safe!?

In this blog post, you will find all the research and information that my husband and I collected in regards to Foray 48B (Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Kurstaki (Btk) and BoVir (baculovirus) over the last several weeks. We want to thank all of our readers and our viewers who sent us reports, phone calls, and emails directly to voice your concerns or to share what you found with us as well after watching our video(s) on YouTube, Instagram, or hearing Kevin's most recent interview on the Podcast: Mississauga Keeping It Real With Bhanu.

We are very concerned about these biological insecticides that are going to be sprayed in our cities aerially from overhead and so we wanted others to be aware of the potential dangers and adverse health affects this may pose on you and your family as well. That is why we created this blog post and have attached all the videos that we have done on this subject below with some of the reference articles we used to create them so that you are also aware of what we discovered.


What Are They Spraying On Us? | Gypsy Moths & The EMF Connection (Our First Video)


1. To review the city plans on how this will be rolled out

2. To review the insecticide chemical that they will be spraying on us here in Mississauga

3. To review the ELF magnetic field study that was done on gypsy moths

4. To review how electromagnetic radiation can impair the body's immune system, click this PubMed study which states that tighter rules and regulations regarding EMFs must be implemented to protect human health

5. Image is shown at 2:08min: Gypsy moth life cycle This image is courtesy of


Environmental Toxins & Binders | What Is BTK?

(Our Second Video)


1. Differential side-effects of Bacillus thuringiensis bioinsecticide on non-target Drosophila flies

2. Bt Toxin Corn: Dangerous to Future Generations

3. Symptom complaints following aerial spraying with biological insecticide Foray 48B

Binders & Supplements | How To Protect Yourself From Environmental Toxins

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Mississauga | The gypsy moth - Lyme disease connection

(Our Third Video)


1. To listen to a great podcast regarding the subject of Lyme disease, acorn production, and the gypsy moth, click this link here.

2. To review dr. Rick Ostfeld's work and what his institute of Ecosystem of studies is working on, click here.

3. Here is another great article regarding the gypsy moth production cycles, and Lyme disease.

4. To book an inspection or an EMF consultation, click my website below:


Emergency Regulation Viral Insecticide BoVir (Toronto Only) & Bacterial Foray 48B To Be Sprayed Over Multiple Cities In Canada Starting May 24th, 2022! Should We Be Concerned!?

(Our Fourth Video Will be Up Shortly)


Our Last Private Chat On Telegram In Regards To This Subject (Have A Listen)

Some of the products that I am discussing in this voice meassage can be found on this page or you may be able to find them linked HERE. However, if you can't find something that I have discussed please feel free to send us an email at


While uncovering more information about the history of these biological insecticides/pesticides that use natural or genetically modified bacteria or viruses that were originally discovered and manufactured by biotechnological companies, we were SHOCKED, to say the least at what we found just like this gentleman who wrote this post HERE.

However, what we found particularly alarming were all the reports that we found online from victims that have suffered major adverse health effects after their cities were aerially sprayed with these insecticides/pesticides and that the city of Toronto is also planning to spray a NEW VIRAL insecticide that was only approved for use under EMERGENCY REGULATIONS as my husband and I mentioned in our last video up above.

While the manufacturers and city officials maintain that these pesticides will not affect humans, we have not found any proof to suggest that this is safe when sprayed aerially over the course of multiple years in urban areas. Actually, what we have found is quite the contrary. In fact, there have been plenty of published reports, abstracts, and complaints of the ill effects that the residents of West Auckland and Hamilton in New Zealand experienced after being sprayed aerially with Foray 48B. Many of them maintain that their lives and health were forever changed by this biological spray. That in itself should have prompted a more open discussion with all the citizens of Canada and city officials as to whether or not, these insecticides/pesticides are in fact safe when sprayed in urban areas where this bacteria and virus can possibly make their way into the lungs and guts of our Canadian citizens and what will happen to all of us after being exposed to these biological substances over a longer period of time!?

Now those are the questions I think every person should be asking their city officials right now, don’t you?

I had intended on putting together a full in-depth blog post and petition to address the citizens of the world about everything that my husband and I have uncovered on this particular subject over the last couple of weeks but with this spray campaign set to take place in most cities here in Ontario on May 24th, 2022 (weather dependent of course), I’ve run out of time to create a petition. So instead, what I will post to down below is something I quickly put together while I was doing all my research. I will also try to list as many of our references up above or down below as possible while giving you all a generalized idea of what we have done and will continue to do in order to protect ourselves and our family following this aerial spraying pesticides campaign.


The Dangers Of Aerial Spraying The Greater Toronto Area & Other Canadian Cities With The Bioinsecticide Foray 48B & Potentially BoVir, A Biological Insecticide Made With A VIRUS & Only Approved For Use Under Emergency Regulations!