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Aerial Spray To Take Place On May 24th, 2022 Across Canada Should We Be Concerned & Is This Safe!?

In this blog post, you will find all the research and information that my husband and I collected in regards to Foray 48B (Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Kurstaki (Btk) and BoVir (baculovirus) over the last several weeks. We want to thank all of our readers and our viewers who sent us reports, phone calls, and emails directly to voice your concerns or to share what you found with us as well after watching our video(s) on YouTube, Instagram, or hearing Kevin's most recent interview on the Podcast: Mississauga Keeping It Real With Bhanu.

We are very concerned about these biological insecticides that are going to be sprayed in our cities aerially from overhead and so we wanted others to be aware of the potential dangers and adverse health affects this may pose on you and your family as well. That is why we created this blog post and have attached all the videos that we have done on this subject below with some of the reference articles we used to create them so that you are also aware of what we discovered.





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Emergency Regulation Viral Insecticide BoVir (Toronto Only) & Bacterial Foray 48B To Be Sprayed Over Multiple Cities In Canada Starting May 24th, 2022! Should We Be Concerned!?

(Our Fourth Video Will be Up Shortly)


Our Last Private Chat On Telegram In Regards To This Subject (Have A Listen)

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While uncovering more information about the history of these biological insecticides/pesticides that use natural or genetically modified bacteria or viruses that were originally discovered and manufactured by biotechnological companies, we were SHOCKED, to say the least at what we found just like this gentleman who wrote this post HERE.

However, what we found particularly alarming were all the reports that we found online from victims that have suffered major adverse health effects after their cities were aerially sprayed with these insecticides/pesticides and that the city of Toronto is also planning to spray a NEW VIRAL insecticide that was only approved for use under EMERGENCY REGULATIONS as my husband and I mentioned in our last video up above.

While the manufacturers and city officials maintain that these pesticides will not affect humans, we have not found any proof to suggest that this is safe when sprayed aerially over the course of multiple years in urban areas. Actually, what we have found is quite the contrary. In fact, there have been plenty of published reports, abstracts, and complaints of the ill effects that the residents of West Auckland and Hamilton in New Zealand experienced after being sprayed aerially with Foray 48B. Many of them maintain that their lives and health were forever changed by this biological spray. That in itself should have prompted a more open discussion with all the citizens of Canada and city officials as to whether or not, these insecticides/pesticides are in fact safe when sprayed in urban areas where this bacteria and virus can possibly make their way into the lungs and guts of our Canadian citizens and what will happen to all of us after being exposed to these biological substances over a longer period of time!?

Now those are the questions I think every person should be asking their city officials right now, don’t you?

I had intended on putting together a full in-depth blog post and petition to address the citizens of the world about everything that my husband and I have uncovered on this particular subject over the last couple of weeks but with this spray campaign set to take place in most cities here in Ontario on May 24th, 2022 (weather dependent of course), I’ve run out of time to create a petition. So instead, what I will post to down below is something I quickly put together while I was doing all my research. I will also try to list as many of our references up above or down below as possible while giving you all a generalized idea of what we have done and will continue to do in order to protect ourselves and our family following this aerial spraying pesticides campaign.


The Dangers Of Aerial Spraying The Greater Toronto Area & Other Canadian Cities With The Bioinsecticide Foray 48B & Potentially BoVir, A Biological Insecticide Made With A VIRUS & Only Approved For Use Under Emergency Regulations!


We are asking ALL residents of the Greater Toronto Area, surrounding cities, and the world to come together to voice their concerns to their city officials to appeal the use of the biological insecticide/pesticide Foray 48B and BoVir from being used aerially over the GTA and surrounding cities. Our most recent findings suggest that more studies are needed to determine the long-term safety of using these biological substances in urban areas. There have also been several substantial, abstracts, articles, and reports which have been listed above or will be listed down below of the potential adverse environmental and health effects following the aerial spraying of these insecticides/pesticides, and BoVir was only approved under an Emergency Regulation, a decision that should have been properly addressed with all the residents of Ontario, Canada but particularly those of us that live in the GTA. A door-to-door campaign and the decision to appeal the aerial spraying of this pesticide would have been more appropriate before coming to a conclusion on whether or not to use this substance.

One incident that we found particularly concerning was what happened to the residents of West Auckland and Hamilton in New Zealand which we will be discussed in further detail down below. However, a quick search on google should turn up enough valid documents to suggest that Foray 48B and BoVir which are biological insecticides/pesticides may potentially affect the short and long-term health of the citizens of Canada, therefore these substances need further review. After having a discussion with a representative from Foray 48B, we were told specifically that those that are particularly susceptible to adverse effects from the aerial spraying of Foray 48B are those that are immunocompromised or our most vulnerable like infants, pregnant women, and the elderly, all of which we were told to protect at all cost, less than two years ago with the start of the Pandemic. However, it seems as though we are now willing to risk the health of our most vulnerable to protect the trees as one article clearly states that also discusses the use of BoVir (a biological/viral insecticide), the solution that was being proposed for spraying over the High Park Area in downtown Toronto back in January of 2022.

Jock Anderson, of NZ Truth Weekly, wrote an article on June 21st, 2007, about the aerial spraying that took place in Auckland, New Zealand to control the apple moth infestation, one of the paragraphs from his article reads:

“A friend had both legs amputated, a relative lost a baby within minutes of birth, numerous neighbors are sick and she - diagnosed with debilitating fibromyalgia - has tumors in her breasts and womb. Other sprayed residents told Truth of a spate of miscarriages, pets dying, cancers, skin rashes, and lung, chest, and eye problems. People's Truth - these events are linked to the painted apple moth spraying. Throughout residents say the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), which conducted a controversial aerial spraying program, lied to them and blatantly denied Beach Haven was sprayed. “Can I say all this sickness was caused by painted apple moth aerial spraying? No, I can’t – no one is able to,”... “But people began getting sick and dropping after the spraying was conducted in 2002 and 2003.”

While the company Valent BioSciences was willing to disclose the primary bacterium used to create this biological spray, they refused to disclose 87.35 percent of their formulation which they deem as “proprietary”. Being two concerned residents of Mississauga who may be affected by this aerial spray, decided to call the manufacturer we were hoping they would be able to provide us with some solid evidence to suggest that this spray would not have any long-term health or safety impact on both us, the environment and our neighbors, however, we were only provided with the verbiage that, “this insecticide is so safe that it has even been given the seal of approval to be sprayed on Organic Food!” While that is true, that was not the information we were asking for nor is it relevant. Instead what we wanted to see was some concrete evidence that when this spore-based soil bacteria, is sprayed aerially which can potentially get into the lungs, guts, or on the skin of anyone located in or within 5 km of one of these spray zones, that it WOULD NOT cause any physical harm, side effects or adverse reactions. However, that was not what we were given. The fact that this insecticide is even used in organic agriculture was also disturbing to us as well when you look into how this bacteria affects the gut of the insects that it was "apparently" designed to target. It was also hard to imagine that this bacteria or now this virus couldn't possibly do the same thing to our guts over an extended period of time which is what I discuss in this video HERE.

Also, why weren’t we made aware of the fact that this insecticide/pesticide has already been used in our cities for several years like they are diligently trying to make us aware of it now? Could it be because they anticipate a certain number of health outcomes and want to cover their legal obligations and wash their hands of any potential liability by claiming they have given us ample awareness and information on how to protect ourselves, our families, our pets, and our properties beforehand? I am not accusing them or anyone for that matter of malicious intent but failing to disclose all possible adverse outcomes I believe should be illegal especially when a decision like this MAY affect so many.

I am sure some of you will be shocked when you read through some of these reports since my husband and I were never made aware of any of this information by our city in the years past. Whereas, others may choose to blindly ignore everything we’ve had to say in this blog post thus far and only ask questions, later on, should you or one of your loved ones be afflicted by one of these biological substances.

The purpose of this spray is to reduce the current population of the Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD), formerly known as the Gypsy Moth, because it is believed that we are experiencing a current infestation. However, it is clearly not working since this insecticide/pesticide has had to be used on more than one occasion. The various different articles, abstracts, and complaints that we have come across that were written by people throughout Canada, New Zealand, and other countries around the world have been alarming, to say the least, and through our eyes, should have been enough to prompt Health Canada or our Pest Management Regulatory Agency to reconsider other options for managing this infestation. Despite what the manufacturer is stating, according to our findings, the risks of contaminating our soil and waterways with a potentially pathogenic bacteria or virus which will be discussed further down below is possible and may expose Ontario residents to potential short and long-term adverse health effects which in itself should garner further independent research from third-party labs and facilities without a vested interest in either of these manufacturers biotechnologies or their sponsors. BoVir in itself is rated as a Category B infectious substance according to the manufacturer.

What we found particularly concerning after reading Foray 48B’s Safety Data Sheet was section 12.1 where it clearly states “Do not allow into waterways or lakes” but yet this insecticide/pesticide is planned to be sprayed heavily in the Port Credit Region of Mississauga which is directly connected to Lake Ontario, and section 11.1 that states "toxicological effects are likely through, inhalation, eye contact and skin contact" which are all highly likely when this substance is being sprayed from overhead.

According to our research, we were not able to find any documents to suggest that Foray 48B or BoVir had been appropriately tested for possible long-term health effects when heavily sprayed aerially. However, that is not to say that they do not exist, it's just that we weren't able to find any. In fact, several other locations that have been aerially sprayed throughout the world over the last 30 years have had a marked increase in adverse health effects, hospitalizations, and citizen complaints in regards to this bioinsecticide being sprayed overhead, for instance, the incident that took place in New Zealand back in 2007 to the residents of West Auckland and Hamilton who were adversely affected by their governments spraying campaign of Foray 48B.

There has also been other environmentalist, forest ministry, health and wellness advocates, concerned citizens, and past victims of aerial spraying who have now come forward to voice their dire concerns about what this spray can do not only to the health of human beings but potentially to the ecosystem of our forests, lakes and other large bodies of water. This aerial spray which is being proposed to control our current (LDD) infestation, and is scheduled to be sprayed throughout Mississauga and several other cities throughout Ontario on May 24th, 2022, through two applications 7-10 days after the initial spray, must be revisited or Canadians which have already been exposed to various forms of this potential contaminate, as a recent Canadian study found traces of this biological insecticide in the umbilical cord blood of 93% of pregnant women, may face even further health implications. Please refer to Founder, Jeffrey Smith’s video from The Institute for Responsible Technology down below for more information.

Video By The Institute for Responsible Technology With Jeffrey Smith From YouTube

We understand Jeffrey is discussing the genetically modified form of this bacteria in corn crops but felt this was important to mention since Jeffrey as well as many other people may not be aware of the fact that this insecticide/pesticide does not always dissipate within a few hours to days as he states in this video and as the manufacturer would have us believe.

In fact, according to this document found on, Scientific Reports, Titled: Differential side-effects of Bacillus thuringiensis bioinsecticide on non-target Drosophila flies, it clearly states that this bacteria was often found up to 28 days after spraying a particular area and in some cases month to even years after an area was treated with this bacteria and this document here was only published in October of 2020. This abstract also provides valuable insight into how this insecticide works when ingested by the target species and perhaps other unintentional insect species as well. Therefore, it is easy to see how prolonged exposure to this biological insecticide/pesticide could potentially pose some concerns to humans in the long term even though the manufacturer claims it can only target the alkaline intestines of the insects it is targeted to terminate and not the more acid-based guts of a human being.

However, others like ourselves have also tried to come forward to express their concerns after coming across some of this information which is what I believe may have prompted this March 14, 2003 abstract on, Titled: Symptom complaints following aerial spraying with biological insecticide Foray 48B, where it clearly states the following under the conclusion section of this document:

significant increases in upper airway, gastrointestinal, and neuropsychiatric symptoms, as well as a reduction in overall perception of health in the exposed population.”

According to Jeffrey Smith’s analysis, the BT Toxin MAY NOT be as detrimental to human health when sprayed directly on the affected area and is allowed to disintegrate under the sun or wash away with rain. This is also in line with what we were told by the manufacturer of this aerosolized biological insecticide Foray 48B. However, in that same conversation, we were also told it could potentially adversely affect the health of the immunocompromised as we mentioned above. So does that mean those of us that are immunocompromised are disposable!?

Upon further personal investigation, we also found the following which was written by an activist group here in Canada back in 2006, the website can be found HERE.

The provincial government plans to aerial spray 390 hectares of South Salt Spring with a biochemical pesticide called Foray 48B, to control the spread of the gypsy moth. Four overhead sprayings are planned during April – June 2006 (See Map).

There are a number of reasons to oppose spraying. Exposure to Foray 48B, which can drift up to 3 kilometers all around the spray zone, can cause a variety of health problems for susceptible people. Foray 48B kills all Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) in their caterpillar stage. Four rare butterflies have been observed in the spray area. Organic farms in the spray zone will lose their organic certification ...

(we personally have been told something different and that this insecticide is in fact approved for organic agricultural spraying, so who is telling the truth here, we do not know?)

...if the spraying goes ahead. Wells in the area and drinking water lakes (see list below), will be contaminated with pathogenic bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (Btk) spores and the chemical components of the spray, which may include hazardous wastes of banned pesticides...

(which the manufacturer maintains that the other ingredients are not hazardous but will not disclose what they are?)

Overhead spraying will fall not only on the designated “spray zone” but studies have shown that measurable quantities of the spray can be found in soils and water samples taken at least 3-5 km from the boundaries of this zone due to wind-driven drift. Drift of the spray can be expected to fall over numerous properties that have been purchased by government and NGOs for their conservation value including Mount Maxwell Ecological Reserve, Burgoyne Bay Park, the Andreas Vogt Nature Reserve, and the adjacent Trinity Western University Research Lands. A substantial portion of Fulford Creek falls directly within the spray zone. Ford Lake, the SE corner of Maxwell Lake, lands adjacent to Maxwell Lake, Blackburn Lake, and Cushion Lake all fall within the predicted drift of the spray.

Detailed information on Foray 48B, what’s in it, and its health and environmental effects, are available on the websites listed on this page.

Help stop the overhead spraying by signing the petition today.

~ Contributed by Salt Springers Targeting Overuse of Pesticides”

With that said, my husband and I think we should all call upon our provincial government to cease and desist from all aerial spraying of this biological insecticide until we are all provided with the long-term scientific studies to prove that these biological insecticides are in fact safe and effective in a “PROPERLY” demonstrated and fully disclosed human trail. Likewise, these studies should also be extended and carried out on various other ecological systems before we continue to aerial spray our cities and our most vulnerable with these potentially harmful biological substances. We are also calling upon all the residents of Canada to look into this matter FULLY and to TAKE ACTION NOW in your cities should this be an area that will concern you and your beloved families.

Stay Safe Everyone!

Jessica & Kevin

The Healing Hands Duo


Other References That Should Be Reviewed IMMEDIATELY!

(some of the articles have already been mentioned above)

1. Mississauga prepares aerial spray program to combat gypsy moth:

2. POISONED By the apple moth spray By Jock Anderson, NZ Truth Weekly June 21, 2007:


3. Gypsy Moth Spraying Not as Harmless as Stated: A MUST READ!!!

4. City Of Toronto To Deploy Emergency Use Of Two Biological Insecticides That Use A Virus And A Bacteria To Be Sprayed Aerially From The Sky, Now What Could Go Wrong? Summer Of 2022: and

5. I have read reports of people experiencing amputations due to bacterial infections, lung diseases, miscarriages, skin rashes, and even death! However, don’t take my word for it, you can read through some of them yourself here:

6. Journal of Pesticide Reform: Swadener, Carrie, 1994, " Bacillus Thuringiensis (B.T.)", Vol. 14, No. 3, Fall 1994, pp. 13-20: A MUST READ!!!


8. Report of the March 2006 peoples inquiry into the impacts and effects of aerial spraying pesticide over urban areas of Auckland: For People's Inquiry Inc.:

9. National Library Of Medicine: Bacillus anthracis, Bacillus cereus, and Bacillus thuringiensis—One Species on the Basis of Genetic Evidence:

10. ScienceDirect: Genetically Modified Baculoviruses for Pest Insect Control: (this may be what is in BoVir the viral insecticide only approved for use in Toronto under Emergency Regulations:

11 For a lot more information please refer to our Instagram and look at all our posted stories under the heading, Aerial Spray:


Who To Contact

You can call Peel Public Health At 905-799-7700 Or 311 (905-615-4311 outside of Mississauga) to voice your concerns. Collect calls will be accepted or contact one of your city officials.

Visit: and subscribe to receive email news alerts.

A list of actions you can take to prepare your home and property for the spray is available at but also listed down below for your convenience and our added suggestions.

Again, while they give you suggestions to prepare your home and outdoor spaces for the spraying of these biological insecticides, we will be taking extra precautions to protect our health which was mentioned above in the Binders & Supplements | How To Protect Yourself From Environmental Toxins section of this blog.

As mentioned above Sauna treatments or Detox baths are also something we will be doing following the spray if they are granted permission to go ahead with the aerial application between May 24th, 2022 and June 15th, 2022.

More information can be found under our supplements section in this blog post HERE under STEP (4) FOUR:

Or you can sign up to our mailing list here to download our FREE Contagion Protocol: which will also garner you access to purchase our 70 page eBook at a special limited time offer.


What Cities Will Be Aerial Spraying Foray 48B?

(These are the cities we currently know of)

Milton: Aerial spray of Foray 48B May. 14 - June.14. No planned spray dates are set yet but looking to begin next week. Waiting for good weather.

Two sprays are planned. Follow and Milton's Twitter and Facebook accounts, which will announce the first spray 24-48 hours before the actual date.

Mississauga: Aerial spray of Foray 48B May. 15 - June.12. No planned spray dates are set yet but looking to begin next week. Waiting for good weather.

Two sprays are planned. Follow and Mississauga's Twitter and Facebook accounts which will announce the first spray 24-48 hours before the actual date.

Toronto: Aerial spray of Foray 48B May. 16 - June. 15. Planning to do the first spray next week (May.24), weather depending.

Two sprays are planned. Follow and Toronto's Twitter and Facebook accounts, which will announce the first spray 24-48 hours before the actual date.

- Using Foray 48B on the city

- Using BoVir pesticide on the High Park Area. This substance contains a naturally occurring or GM virus.

The city of Toronto has applied for an emergency registration to use this product as it has not been approved in Canada.

Oakville: Aerial spray of Foray 48B May. - June. No planned spray dates are set yet but looking to begin next week. Waiting for good weather.

Two sprays are planned. Follow and Oakville's Twitter and Facebook accounts, which will announce the actual first spray 24-48 hours before the actual date.

Hamilton: Aerial spray of Foray 48B May. - June. Planning the first spray on May.24, weather pending.

(Two sprays are planned. Follow and Hamilton's Twitter account for more details.

London: Aerial spray of Foray 48B May. - June. Planning the first spray on May.24, weather pending.

(Two sprays are planned. Follow and London's Twitter account for more details.


What Are They Suggesting I Do To Prepare For the Aerial Spray To Protect Myself And My Family?

(What we will be doing next week to protect ourselves, family and pets will be highlighted in red)

Some city websites maintain that no special precautions are required to prepare for the aerial spraying campaign however, Peel Public Health recommends that...

The public stays indoors during the spray and for 30 minutes following to allow the droplets to settle. Infrequently, there may be some residents who are more sensitive and may experience skin, eye, or RESPIRATORY IRRITATION!

However, this is what a recent PubMed abstract had to say about this insecticide HERE:

As my husband says in his first video in regards to this subject, aren't we all immunocompromised at this point if we are under constant non-native electrosmog!?

Before the spray, residents should

1. Close windows (we intend to keep our windows closed until a week after the second spray date.)

2. Turn off fans or air conditioners, or select the recirculate setting (we intend to do this for at least 4 days following each spray but before we turn our systems back on we may even head outside to hose down our air conditioning unit.)

3. Bring in all laundry and toys (we haven’t uncovered any of outdoor furniture yet and everything else will be brought into the garage. If you have small children or pets be sure to hose down all your outdoor spaces directly following the spray since they claim this can be washed away with water or UV light. However, and this will be the only time you will ever hear be recommend this, you may want to wear a proper respirator -mask outdoors for several days following the aerial spray applications.

4. Cover all vegetable, herb gardens, and sandboxes (we haven’t started to plant anything for this year but I do suggest if you already have or have a section to do this that you cover those areas with a tarp until after the second application especially if you are within 5kms of one of the designated spray zones.

5. Keep pets indoors (I’m not sure how they expect you to do this but it may be wise to monitor your pets when outside directly following the aerial spray and especially if you live in one of the designated spray zones. If we had small children we would probably avoid being outside for a few days following the aerial spray in any of the designated spray zones, we would also avoid any public parks that were directly sprayed with either of these insecticides.

6. Cover pools, BBQs, play equipment, lawn furniture, and Automobiles (Not sure how they expect everyone to cover their cars but ok!)

After the spray, residents should

1. Wash/rinse pool covers BBQs, play equipment, lawn furniture, and automobiles with water

2. Practice good personal and food hygiene (e.g. hand washing after outdoor activities, especially after gardening; leave outdoor shoes at the door (for the week following the spay we will also be making a conscious effort to change our clothes whenever we enter into our home and to wash them with a bit of hydrogen peroxide if we are spending any considerable amount of time outside in vegetation that could have been sprayed with these substances (be careful hydrogen peroxide may damage dark-colored clothing)

3. Washing all fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking (again soak with some diluted food-grade 3% hydrogen peroxide which can be found at Whole Foods or ordered online from Amazon)

4. Wash your pet's paws before entering the home (I really feel for those of you that have pets because this is just ridiculous!)

5. Minimize opening and closing windows and doors during or after the spray. (We will be doing this as minimally as possible.)

6. Shutting off the heating/cooling vents or selecting the recirculate setting after the spray. (We will be doing this for several days following the spray.)

7. Contact your family physician if you are concerned that a personal medical condition may be aggravated by the spraying” (or your Holistic Practitioners since they may be able to offer you some valuable information or tools on how to detoxify your body after the spray and again, consider some of the suggestions made under this section HERE.


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These protocols have been a part of our daily regimen and business practices for years since these products/services are what we used to help support us during our healing journey from chronic illnesses and infections which started back in 2008. We have also been suggesting many of these products/services to our clients online or out of our Energy Balancing Light Studio or through our sister company Energy Alignment Solutions which was founded and established back in 2016-2018.

However, others are now been using these concepts in order to advertise their own products and services. While we are happy to share these ideas with the world, we would please ask that if you use any of our original ideas/protocols or concepts, that proper credit be given to us where credit is due with an appropriate link back to our work or any of the other professionals in this field we mention or recommend in our research. Notice how we will always try to reference back to our original sources in our work if it is not our original idea or compiled research in order to give proper credit back to those individuals out of respect for their contributions to the world.

We also wanted to say while there are multiple ways to regain your health, we have not approved other products, services, or concepts other than those that are found on this webpage or through our links. That is not to say that other products/services will not work but simply that we have done extensive research on the products and the people that we refer back to in our work and can not indorse others that we have no experience with or have found are not up to par with our strict standards. We will not put our reputation or name to anything that we haven't looked into extensively ourselves, so please make note if you have found a similar product to what we are recommending just know that there may be a very specific reason why we are not recommending that particular product or service.

Therefore, these protocols and those linked from this page were originally created, researched, or written by Jessica & Kevin from The Healing Hands Duo or Energy Alignment Solutions, however, developed and established between 2008-2022. Credit has been given.

The entirety of Web site is now © Copyrighted 2018-2021 by The Healing Hands Duo. All Rights Reserved. Any of The Healing Hands Duo's images, videos, ideas, or protocols may be reshared with the appropriate link back to our original work but MUST NOT be copied or duplicated in whole or part by any means without express prior agreement in writing unless specifically noted on the site.

Some photographs, videos, or documents contained on our site or social media platforms are also copyrighted property of others; acknowledgment of those copyrights is hereby given. All such material is used with the permission of the owner or referenced appropriately down below or linked directly to its original source in the body of this post.



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