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Life Living With Crohn's Colitis & Lyme Disease

As some of you may already know, life hasn't always been so easy but that does not mean that I don't love life none the less. Actually, having been diagnosed with these two very serious and devastating illnesses has only made me appreciate life that much more.

I once said to someone, you really don't appreciate your body or even acknowledge the privilege of health until you can feel that body part all the time. I mean, I always knew I had a colon but did I ever truly give it a second thought until I was diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis? Also, Kevin was born with the privilege of perfect vision and the ability to see out of both of his eyes but did he ever really appreciate his eyes until he lost part of his vision? I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that as a society, many of us don't ever pay attention to these gifts from our creator or give them a second thought until they are taken away from us.

We dwell way too much on what we want and don't have and never really stop to appreciate the things that we have already been blessed with. We need to stop taking advantage of our mind, body and soul and we need to start spending time learning how to appreciate and take care of ourselves because if we don't do it, nobody will!

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