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Understanding Why Lyme Disease Testing Is So Unreliable

I just recently came across this video By: Dr. Alan MacDonald Presented By: Lyme Natural Healing @lymenaturalhealing on Instagram and just had to share it with all of you since so many of you have been asking me about Lyme testing as of late. Dr. MacDonald gives a very accurate and in-depth explanation as to why Lyme testing through conventional means are often so unreliable. After you are done reading through this post, don't forget to head on over to Instagram and like @lymenaturalhealing who is a fellow Lymie also doing some great work to spread knowledge and awareness about this debilitating infection.

This is exactly why it took us years to get a proper Lyme diagnosis. We even got several negatives here first at various different hospitals before getting a positive Lyme diagnosis through IGenenX. However, because conventional testing is so poor at detecting multiple forms of bacteria, parasites, fungi, biofilms as well as a whole host of other issues and toxins in the body, Kevin and I decided to get "several" second opinions using less than conventional Bio-Energetic and BioResonance testing even though our IGeneX tests came back positive. Some of which were WAY MORE accurate at detecting various different issues, intolerances, and infections currently causing a problem and adverse reactions within our bodies.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, utilizing these testing tools along with electromedicine, light therapy, near, mid and far-infrared heat therapy, reducing one's nnEMF exposures, blue light toxicity and I would even go as far as to now say water therapy, is the way of the future. This is how we eventually managed to achieve remission with most of our symptoms, as well as several other health conditions. While also implementing different energy healing and spiritual practices to reduce stress, fear, deep-seated emotional traumas, self-limiting belief systems and various techniques to help build new neural pathways(2) in our brain. However, supplements, herbs, a healthy diet and reducing the toxic exposures in our everyday lives was also vitally important to address along the way.

I also think it’s the damage that we’ve done to our energy waves with all these modern-day nnEMF and blue light-emitting technologies, as well as using conventional antibiotics much too often that have caused this bug and others like it to become superbugs in nature.

My only fear now is that with the release of 5G things may quickly decline even further as these frequencies may drastically reduce immune

function (3), create an imbalance in homeostasis, mitochondrial dysfunction(4) and could potentially cause aggression, depression, and confusion in some animal and human subjects. I also suspect that it may rapidly deplete cellular structured water causing severe dehydration which may leave the body susceptible to various infections and diseases, not just Lyme. These are just my speculations based on my own personal research.

However, you don't have to wait around for all of that to happen. It is vital to take the necessary actions now to protect yourself from nnEMF exposure and blue light toxicity. At bare minimum, everyone should consider an in-home and personal EMF device while limiting and protecting your eyes from blue light toxicity after dark. Further precautions may also be necessary based on your current wellness and proximity to a cell phone mast, WIFI routers, smart devices, etc. While making the necessary lifestyle changes to increase your mitochondrial ATP levels, rebuild and strengthen your immune system.

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