Our BLACK FRIDAY Blowout Is Finally Here!

If you have been following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or watched our latest YouTube video...

you would have noticed us mention that we have been working with our distributors and affiliate programs to bring you the best possible deals on some of the great products and services that we not only recommend but have come to love!

We have been working really hard on this since being back from Florida which is why we have been a little absent on our social media platforms lately. However, if you have ever been interested in any of the products or services that we have mentioned on our website or channel, now is the time to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to invest in your health!

Black Friday Banner. The Healing Hands Duo is having a Black Friday Blowout!
These sales are only going to be available from Friday, November 29th through to Monday, December 2nd, 2019 so don’t wait! All prices are listed in USD unless otherwise noted and some products are only available to USA & Canadian residents due to territorial distribution. Sorry!

So, here they are and the SAVINGS ARE HUGE!

1. BluShield 10% off when you use our discount code but an additional 15% SAVINGS when you shop their website this weekend. Just be sure to use the following link and use DISCOUNT CODE: healinghands for the total discount.

You must use the discount code and link to be eligible for the full discount. The code is also case sensitive and prices are listed in USA dollars. All products ship from the USA. For other nnEMF protection devices and Blue Light Toxicity Blockers, please check out this webpage linked HERE:

2. Structured Water Whole-Home (Hydreva) or Portable Unit (Natural Action). SAVE 15% off the total price when you place your pre-order through us. This deal is only available for this weekend. So please email us TODAY at thehealinghandsduo@gmail.com to get your pre-order in before December 2nd, 2019 days end.

3. Service Savings SAVE 25% off of all the services that we provide here at the Energy Balancing Light Studio when you use the DISCOUNT CODE: BIGSAVINGS25. This includes all equipment sessions with the Super Sauna Photon Genius (excluding the Energy Body Prime Package), Photon Genie, SaunaRay and Chi Machine. So, if you have ever wanted to try our equipment now is the time!

We are also extending these savings to our Mentorship Wellness Consultations, Assessments, and EMF Inspection services as well. We have yet to add our Mentorship Wellness Assessment to our website but it will cost $150 for a full assessment which includes; a full questionnaire which is then reviewed by the both of us, a full write up of suggestions sent to you via email, along with a 1 hour follow up phone consultation.

EMF Consultations & Inspections: For more information or to request a quote, please contact us today at the following email address: energyalignmentsolutions@gmail.com and use discount code: BIGSAVEINGS25 so that we can generate your quote with the 25% discount. Thank You!

4. Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil Gel Caps 10% SAVINGS (pick up only) or Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil Gel Caps 10% SAVINGS & FREE SHIPPING when you order QTY 6 or more!

4. Redbubble merchandise and apparel. Do you love being unique while helping to support small local artists like myself? Well then, Redbubble has got you covered! Here is a special I’ve been waiting for myself and would love to ask for your support by checking out some of my designs HERE.

Drop me a like and share my feed, especially among all your friends and family who are currently struggling with Chronic Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease Awareness month takes place in May, wouldn’t it be cool if we were all wearing one of my Chronic Lyme Is Real t-shirts to help spread awareness and show our support for one another? Now that would be awesome!

However, if Lyme is not something you really show support for, then maybe you would be interested in purchasing one of my Hamsa Hand designs which is a universal sign against evil. It is also a powerful sign of protection and shields those that wear it from inner thoughts of hatred, jealousy, and insecurities. It’s generally associated with an ancient female entity who offers protection from the evil eye and all negative energies. May your Hamsa hand bring you love, light, luck, and protection!

Sign up to become a FREE MEMBER this Friday, November 29th, 2019 (today) and you can SAVE up to 25%-60% OFF when you use DISCOUNT CODE: EARLYFRIDAY or CYBERDEALS

5. We were recently approved to become Amazon.ca and Amazon.com Affiliates which we acquired to help monetize our FREE content and to help support our mission. Therefore, we would kindly ask that you please use our links whenever shopping Amazon’s sites to help support our vision. It will cost you nothing but we will make a small commission from each of your purchases. When you use our links and even if you do not purchase the products that we have recommended, we will still make a small commission off of your purchase so long as that order is placed within 24 hours. Both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com are holding Deals Of The Day for the BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND. So why not shop all the products that you have come to love and regularly purchase through Amazon anyway, while also helping to SUPPORT OUR MISSION at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for all of us!


If you are looking for some HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS or just some great non-toxic products, here are our TOP TEN amazon favorites:

(click the images down below to be redirected to amazon to place your orders. The Canadian links if there are any will be posted down below at end of our disclaimer. Again, using our links to place your purchases really helps us out.)

1. Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha:

I like this one because it’s not like some of the other cheap rollers out there. Rose Quartz also stays cooler than Jade and can help your skincare products penetrate the skin more efficiently and with less waste. Rolling the skin or performing Gua Sha on the face also supports a gentle facial massage and lymphatic drainage.

2. Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater | 100% pure, vegan, alcohol-free

I have discussed how much I love Rosewater on my channel before but this is my all-time favorite for setting my natural makeup application, as an aromatherapy mist for my body and hair or just add or buy the one that contains apple cider vinegar if you are looking for a great toner for acne-prone skin. I love everything Heritage Store has to offer and I believe you will too! To shop other Clean Cosmetics, Facial, Body Care and Personal Hygiene products that we use and recommend click HERE

3. E-Cloth Microfiber Home Cleaning Set | for chemical-free cleaning with just water set

CLEAN WITH WATER! Some people would describe me as a bit of a clean freak and some would even go as far as to say that I have OCD when it comes to keeping my home clean and to be honest, I would have to agree! However, I despise chemical cleaners and when Kevin and I got sick many moons ago, the first thing that I changed out in our house was the way I kept our house clean. That is because we both became extremely chemical sensitive due to Lyme Disease. I’ve been using e-Cloths now for about 4-5 years and have never turned back. Some say Norwex cloths are superior and I do have a silver-lined cloth not made by them but by another company, however I have always found that e-Cloth’s do a mighty fine job at a fraction of the cost!

4. North American Herb and Spice, Oregaspray

I love this multipurpose spray and have been using this company’s oregano products for years! This spray can be used for the following: vegetable wash, air cleanser, hand sanitizer, toothbrush spray, environmental spray to help eliminate mold and mildew, odor neutralizer, kitchen and bathroom sanitizer, pet deodorizer, A VERY EFFECTIVE insect repellant (this is the ONLY product that works for Kevin who otherwise gets eating alive by biting insects!), foot deodorant, skin toner, nursery spray, public disinfectant, breath freshener, etc. We always take OregaSpray with us whenever we are traveling or just keep a small bottle in my purse.

5. Enzymedica – SerraGold Enzymes

I find that if I take this long term it does help with my Crohn's inflammation. High potency serrapeptase can also combat biofilms which is often a problem for those of us with Lyme Disease. Click HERE for my video review or read my recent blog post about enzymes in general and why I recommend them. For other supplements and herbal formulas that we recommend, you can find that HERE.

6. Klean Kanteen Wide Double Wall Vacuum Insulated S. Steel Mug