Thanksgiving Giveaways!

Happy Thanksgiving Giveaways
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When Kevin and I started our channel back in January of 2018 I had no idea that just sharing our experiences living and healing from various chronic illnesses would touch so many people's hearts. We also wanted to ensure that people would find comfort and solace in knowing that they were not alone. What first started out as a simple creative outlet for myself to share all of the things that we have both learned over the years, soon turned into a loving community and for the first time in my life I felt like something I was doing could potentially make a difference in this world.

The fact that this channel blew up and branched out as quickly as it did wasn't something I planned for but it was definitely something I have been working toward my entire life and didn't even know it.

I've worked in the corporate world, had the fancy office job, gadgets, long lunch meetings, company cars, comfortable hours, a reliable weekly paycheck, and even the fancy condo in the city. Many would say I was pretty darn successful and accomplished and all before my 26th birthday. Then the worst thing that could have happened or at least what I thought at the time was the worst thing, actually did happen and I got really sick. If that wasn't bad enough, Kevin fell ill shortly after that and the lives we had worked so hard for came crashing down all around us. For the sake of not sounding repetitive the rest of our story can be found on our YouTube channel.

However, even though I had all that STUFF, when I look back on it now I still wasn't happy. I didn't love my life, I didn't like my job(s), I hated getting up early where I had to rush out immediately and get into a car where I was stuck in ridiculous rush hour traffic. I did all of this only to arrive at an office filled with dismal lighting, green walls, and the constant politics and drama of EVERY office environment!

Image by Pedro Figueras from Pixabay

To make a very long story short, I basically pretty much hated, ok hated is a strong word so let me rephrase that. I basically disliked all of my office jobs and to this day I truly believe a lot of what has happened to me next in my life was partially linked to how unhappy and stressed I was in my prior positions to sustain what most of us define as success. I think that is most of our problems, not the only problem of course but definitely a contributor to why so many of us get sick and stay sick in the first place. By sick I mean your mental health and happiness would fall under this category as well

In my opinion it isn't possible to be healthy and unhappy at the same time. It's also not possible to be unhealthy and happy at the same time either. That is something that took me over a decade and having to get super sick and struggling to save my OWN LIFE to realize what it truly means to be successful, and success my friends is not about how much money you make, or owning a fancy car. Success is being healthy, and being completely healthy in your mind, body and spirit is where true happiness lies.

It wasn't until a few years ago now that I realized that if I wanted to reverse my illness, I had to change the things, people, places but most importantly my belief systems about success. This was keeping me trapped in a world where I just couldn't be happy no matter how hard I tried! Like I said before, if you are not happy then there is no way on this God-given planet that you are going to be healthy or heal from a chronic illness for that matter. Once I realized that, my intuition opened up and naturally the ways to heal my body just came to me.

I know you've heard this cheesy line before but I'm going to say it anyway, "Happiness is the key to success!"

When you can find that, everything else will follow. You just have to trust the process.

On that note, I just wanted to say that I am so grateful to each and everyone of you who have been following and supporting us from the beginning and to those of you who have just joined our community. Without all of you none of this would have been possible and it was through you that we were inspired to keep going even when things got tough. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate each and every one of you and with your help I can honestly say I now know what the true definition of success really means.

In light of Thanksgiving and to show our gratitude for those of you who continue to support us I am proud to announce that, our NEW recommendations page on our website is now up and running!

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